After Cunneen’s Owner Steve Cunneen Dies, Widow Takes Over Beloved Bar As It Turns 50

Steve Cunneen opened Cunneen’s Bar in 1972 and was a near-daily presence at the Devon Avenue bar. He died Feb. 2 at 86 years old.

Cunneen infused the humble corner bar with his personality. His immense collection of jazz records was moved to Cunneen’s and played frequently. A woodworker and craftsman, Cunneen built the bar’s tables, the light over its pool table and the stained glass above the front entrance.

Cunneen even made a phone booth and placed it toward the rear of the bar. After pay phones went out of vogue, Cunneen would banish cellphone talkers to the phone booth, Colin-Cunneen said.

Which says a lot about the place, where our Maggie had a birthday party a few years back. (BTW, happy birthday, Mag, just three days ago.)