Act of worship as prayer of petition

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

“I remember [deceased friend] well despite the passage of many years since we were [Jesuit novices] together in 1959.

“Received Communion for [him] and for all of you this morning as I frequently do. God bless us all.”

Am finding this worthy of note. “Receiving Communion” for someone, dating to the late ’50s, when writer became accustomed to, or more likely, had grown up Catholic with, this idea, which puts reception of communion in class with prayer of petition.


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Return to the excommunicated preacher, weeks before the bell tolled for his expulsion as pastor, . . . and various exchanges between him and his excommunicating bishop

The bishop and the preacher seem unable to become friends.

Let us consider the Bishop Lopes-Fr. Treco exchanges beginning with the day after the first chancery meeting weeks before the closing down of his role as pastor and preacher.

December 13, Second Chancery Meeting, Fr. T.:

I met again with Bishop Lopes, Fr. Perkins, and Fr. Kramer. The fruit of my night in prayer was the conviction that my next step should be to offer a personal Profession of Faith so that the bishop would have a clearer sense of my mind. Bishop Lopes concurred.

As this brief meeting was winding down, Bishop Lopes made one or two comments which I thought were disparaginto those he referred to as traditionalists.

Almost certainly this was the case, as regards the disparaging part. . . .

Tales of the excommunicated preacher continued . . .

Fauci caught Covid. Should we be glad?

In most cases, no, this writer says. However:

Fauci draws more than his share of ire because he has been the most visible face of the “official” response to the epidemic. He stands or sits there with a sanctimonious expression on his face and this mild, reasonable tone of voice, and spews an endless stew of misstatements and lies.

The lifelong bureaucrat in action — never really accomplished anything — survives by being politically adept. If such bureaucrats don’t start out as incompetent in their field, they quickly get the knack of it. In government it isn’t what you know, it is who you know and how much cow manure you can spread while blaming everyone else for the odor.

Precisely. Indeed, I noted his survival in the Beast many months ago in many ways. Oh, and yes, I looked out the window and saw it was raining and I told someone it was raining, I’m soooo smart.