Who’s that women with the manic grin?

And her friend with the painful-to-look-at trying-to-be-nice smile. When it’s hard work being a candidate.

Why Trump is poster candidate for bias

Here’s a detailed account.

It’s becoming more obvious than ever. I find myself going to some trusted solely on-line sources, except now and then I see Chicago Sun-Times blaring front page that catches my attention, like today’s “Steinberg: Donald Trump is going to be elected president.”

Which is the kind of man-bites-dog story that sells newspapers. Congratulations, Neil!

We also get Chi Trib on weekends, which is good for more than obits, providing a window to conventional wisdom among the genteel leftist elite. (Not in its editorial page, btw, needless to say.)

Another riot based on bad information

The Charlotte man being a case to examine, based on new information. His wife too. Not to mention Hillary R. Clinton. Typical, typical.

Shilling for Hillary

He caved.

Holt lived up to the expectations of his peers. But he lived down to the worst expectations of conservatives, who routinely see Republican candidates treated unfairly by debate moderators.

Again and again, Holt asked Trump tough questions that were straight from the Clinton campaign’s talking points, and which were obvious set-ups for Clinton to attack (and for fact-checkers to pounce on whatever Trump asserted in his own defense).Here are the five worst examples.

He faced ostracism. Parties would have become no fun at all.

Source: 5 Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate

The third debater?

That would be Mr. Holt, says Heat Street:

At tonight’s debate, Donald Trump faced off not just against Hillary Clinton, but against moderator Lester Holt.

The game of two-on-one saw Holt ask no questions about:

  • Hillary’s emails
  • Benghazi
  • The Clinton Foundation

While ignoring these issues, Holt grilled Trump on stop-and-frisk, the birther story, his comments about women, his many bankruptcies, why he hasn’t released his tax returns — and a host of other issues the media sees as unfriendly to the Republican candidate.

Ah those main-stream fellows. Can’t bust out of their bubble.

Hillary vs. Donald: Trigger alert

Hofstra University has posted a “trigger warning” sign to warn students about the potentially disturbing content that may be discussed during Monday night’s presidential debate.

Therapist first responders on hand.

Source: Hofstra University Provides ‘Trigger Warning’ for Presidential Debate | MRCTV

I give you all of an Ed Driscoll post today . . .

He has a neat 1-2-3 slapdown of our wannabe President HRC:


Shot: Hillary Clinton & Leftists: Urban Riots Caused by Environmental Racism.

Chaser: Zika Reminds Us That Climate Change Is a Women’s Rights Issue.

Hangover: As Americans Tire of Eco-Panic, Hillary Quietly Drops ‘Climate Change’ Rhetoric.

For good measure he adds:

That’s odd – just a couple of years ago, the former Secretary of State, who flew 956,733 miles during her stint at Foggy Bottom in part to allegedly fight terrorism, claimed in 2014, “Climate change is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face.”