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The good and the bad, emphasis on Trib and Sun-Times

Oak Park Trustee to White Colleague: ‘You Shouldn’t Have an Opinion… You Have Been White from Birth’ | Trending

Wow. From my old home town Oak Park IL comes “the most racist incident to happen in all of 2019.”

From a wild, wild woman in this amazing display.

I sat through many board and other meetings in the village where I grew up and lived 40-plus years as husband, father, activist, local-paper columnist, etc.

Never saw the likes of this.

From a U. of Illinois Chicago progressor no less. She apologized in that paper afterward, but now what?


Contempt of Congress a crime but . . .

. . . should be an annual awards dinner.

Said Chris Plante the other day. Hear him on Chi WLS 890 a.m. 9 a.m. CDT to 11 (when Rush takes over).

Blogger Dad 29 heard him in July, Me? Just the other day. It’s sort of thing he tosses in during rapid-fire commentary. Quite good.

From Babylon Bee fellow to me . . .

. . . and to you if you show them some love:

Funny, funny people . . .

President Xi, basketball star

Out of the Orient a star has risen.

U.S.???The NBA has found itself at odds with its lucrative Chinese market, and the league is doing its best to appease the Chinese government. In a move intended to patch things up with China, the NBA announced that President Xi Jinping has made the All-Star team this year.

The president will tower under the competition at an intimidating 5’11”. Especially threatening to the opposing team will be the president’s ability to imprison or execute any player who dunks on him. He is also expected to execute players on his own team who speak out against him or suggest he’s unfit for the basketball team. . . .

Stunning development.

more more more here.

Should public unions be allowed to strike?

Like teachers, abandoning their charges?

Have hostages (THE CHILDREN), will negotiate.

Why does Francis keep falling for interviews with the Marxist who says things like Francis said he’s an Arian?

He said he doesn’t buy Jesus’ divinity, for instance, the latest headline-grabber:

After each such story, the Vatican has issued clarifications and disclaimers, telling the world that Scalfari’s interviews cannot be considered accurate. That line of defense is no longer plausible.

If Scalfari is not reliable, why is he granted interviews? More important, if Scalfari’s stories “cannot be considered as a faithful account,” why can’t the Vatican furnish something that could be considered a faithful account? What did the Pope say? [boldface added]

In this latest case, why couldn’t the Vatican announce, in clear contradiction of Scalfari’s claim, that of course the Holy Father holds and teaches what the Church has always held and taught? The stakes are far too high to accept another bout of uncertainty; the confusion is far too widely spread. The faithful need unequivocal assurance that the Bishop of Rome accepts the Nicene Creed.

I have a theory: Francis is a sort of Peck’s Bad Boy of the church. He gets a kick out of causing a fuss.

Besides, he plays to the gallery of priests and bishops the world over, including Jesuits, who just don’t believe in that stuff and instead are vaguely, somehow, leaning on their good deeds — protesting global warming, etc. — to get them in acceptable condition into whatever after-life there is.

Equal parts of both, I suppose.

Pope Francis the wounded father on his airplane: From critics “a knife in the back”

When all is said and done, he is the persecuted one.

Some conservatives have argued that Francis, who constantly denounces walls and champions the building of bridges, has shut them out by ignoring their formal complaints that he is diluting church doctrine and leading the faithful astray. They argue that when even his top Cardinals present him with such criticism, Francis responds with pink slips.

But Francis claimed that he respected such critics. “This is loyal,” he said. “This is to love the church.”

He should name them, even (maybe?) talk to them — and not to dress them down in private.

What he didn’t appreciate, he said, were “little closed groups” who refuse to hear an answer to their critiques, or worse, who feigned allegiance by “throwing a stone and hiding the hand.”

“I don’t like it when the criticism is under the table and they smile and show their teeth,” he said. “And then there is a knife in the back.”

Oh the bastard children! When will they ever learn?

He suffers, like contradicted fathers the world over.

via Pope Francis: ‘I Pray There Are No Schisms’ – The New York Times

Pope Francis: ‘I Pray There Are No Schisms’ — Il Papa!

He has a message for critics, but to newsies, not to them.

He discusses them with others, not deigning to engage them directly:

Some of Francis’ closest allies have in recent months publicly said that he is the target of a conspiracy by conservative enemies who are threatened by the more pastoral direction that he has taken the church.

One close adviser, Antonio Spadaro, a prominent Jesuit who edits the Vatican-vetted magazine, Civiltà Cattolica, has accused American Catholic ultraconservatives of making an unholy alliance of “hate” with evangelical Christians to help President Trump.

The ineffable Spadaro!

Francis plays the benign daddy, who knows and pities his children.

On the plane, Francis suggested that some of his most ardent critics were working out their own problems by lashing out.

Poor souls!

“We have to be gentle, gentle with the people tempted by these attacks, by these things,” he said. “Because they are going through problems and we should accompany them with gentleness.”

Their problems, not his. From his bully pulpit.

via New York Times

Get yours, before supplies run out . . .

Official Trump Poster


This week: A curious media silence about a blockbuster Vatican story

Vatican cops raid Vatican office — its most powerful, in charge of investigating corruption — cart off documents and computers.

It’s as if  a special prosecutor raided the DOJ. And major media yawns, editors looking at each other and asking what else is new? Nothing there there.

The Vatican News editorial sought to put a positive spin on the story, asserting that the raid showed the determination of the Vatican to root out financial corruption, and it “proves concretely that the processes begun by Pope Benedict XVI, and carried out by Pope Francis, really work.”

But that’s exactly what we don’t know. We know that an investigation has been undertaken: perhaps the same investigation that was thwarted two years ago. We know that it’s being taken seriously. We don’t know whether it will be allowed to run its full courses, or whether it will be thwarted again.

For now, I’m afraid, what we know is that the world’s mainstream media, presented with a sensational story from Rome, showed only tepid interest. Because a story about dysfunction in the Vatican, a story about corruption in the Roman Curia, is no longer big news.

Phil Lawler  on this at Catholic Culture.

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