Bright young leftists work hard for Hillary, get slapped by authories

Well they did bust a very important rule before they themselves were busted.

Leftists do have ideas about themselves and their causes. See selves as sort of aristocratic?

St. Paul in Ephesians about racism, sexism etc.? Not exactly.

In sermons or anywhere else, isms don’t work,  as used by a preacher in commenting on Paul in Ephesians saying husbands be good to wives, masters be good to slaves etc.: don’t be sexist, racist, etc.

Rather, say do not act as if you own people (you don’t) — as the homilist also said — but as if (in fact they are) your neighbors. (Like our landlady who calls us her neighbors and acts the part.)

In general, racism, sexism, god-knows-what-isms are not helpful, have lost their meaning, involve social analysis which is arguable in ways that treating people kindly and respectfully is not.

Do we want this family back in the White House?

They’re a rockin’ bunch, I’ll say that for ’em:

As promised by The National Enquirer, the Clinton “Fixer,” in an in depth interview, revealed documents from the past 24 years that show that both Bill and Hillary Clintoncolluded to cover up sexual adulteries and how those in the White House were complicit inthe cover up.

Zowie. They should have free love in their platform.

The polls come, the polls go. Drudge features this one that puts Trump . . .

. . . AHEAD!

President Obama two days ago: Elections are not rigged. Running in 2008: Elections have been rigged, but this time in Ohio we control the machines

You have to wonder if he even remembers the 2008 bit.

I say not, he does not remember, but he’s so feverishly determined to shoot Trump down (not literally, for cry-iiii), he says just anything.

It’s a problem.

Send condolences to Congresswoman Jan about her husband losing his job

He having been cruelly outed as “diabolical” by an approving colleague with whom he works to create havoc at Trump rallies. The colleague added, “I love it” to his applying this normally opprobrious term.

It was in the midst of praising Mr. Jan’s tactics. Bob Creamer is his name. He also has done time for fraud. Nice Democrat family.

You should not miss the offending video in which Creamer is outed, not only by the colleague but in his own words. Project Veritas is the hero of this piece.

I love the Lynn Sweet notation:

The video, which had more than 4 million views as of Wednesday afternoon, surfaced as Trump is stepping up his assertion, without evidence, that the election system is rigged against him.

The “without evidence” part is cute, she having linked to what many would call evidence, if not of a rigged system, then of something that interferes mightily with the working of that system — undermining in fact. But Ms. Sweet has her position, does she not? Which at least did not stop her from doing the story.

Tooth twine? How some people talk(ed). American Scholar looking lively online

Falling love with a creative language-user:

Not just families but couples have words of their own, ones that can have great personal resonance. The essayist E. B. White said that what first attracted him to his wife-to-be Katharine was the fact that she considered tooth twine an improvement on “dental floss.” So did he. As White later observed, “I knew that a girl who called dental floss ‘tooth twine’ was the girl for me.”

Lots more at this refreshing site.