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Coffee at Gordono’s after mass: drug store, coffee shop, deli all-in-one

Gordono’s at Clark & Catalpa, NE corner this a.m. after mass at nearby St. Gregory’s. Friendly Omar makes the salads there. He took my $5 for paper, coffee, and (glazed) doughnut, returned a few coins change in a no-look (at what I’d bought) transaction that took a half minute preceded by warm chat with lady of the establishment, who had intro’d Omar as salad chef.

It’s an amazing place. Says pharmacy out front in top of window signs on Catalpa and Clark sides, but just below eye level on Clark there’s “Jewish deli.” What’s that? Deli cum drug store? Yes, that and more: a full-scale restaurant and coffee shop, with sturdy high tables and stools along both windows and coffee dispenser a step away for initial cup and refill, plus restaurant-style tables in adjoining room.

In rear of the corner room is the pharmacy with big signs, aspirin etc. along one short wall, band-aids etc. along the other and a booth area for the pharmacist to take and fill scrips. Everything about it is tightly wound in sense of nothing flimsy, no space wasted — a triumph of interior design with no sense of being crowded, much of being fascinated by the variety of the place.

The matzoh-ball soup is made on the spot, the lady told me, she the apparent owner or at least manager, 30-something, bright of eye and black of hair, plump, attractive, friendly and businesslike at same time.

At my Trib when once settled with coffee and doughnut, I read of the governor mixing it with legislators, feinting, dodging, in the game, in sharp contrast to the somewhat aloof, self-absorbed predecessor who offered no solution at at any time, just stopgap measures to save our state, which is in a state of alarm or should be.

Lesson in arrogance from Obama’s man at Justice

Top cop Eric Holder to elected representative in hearing, from Judicial Watch:

Fox News described the exchange:

Attorney General Eric Holder got into a heated argument with a Republican congressman Tuesday [4/8] over the still-pending contempt case against him.


Holder was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee when Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, began pressing him for documents in a separate investigation. Gohmert brought up an apparent sore spot, referencing the 2012 House vote finding Holder in contempt of Congress.


“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight,” Gohmert said.


A visibly annoyed Holder said: “You don’t want to go there, buddy.” Leaning back in his chair, he added, “You don’t want to go there, okay?”


“I don’t want to go there?” Gohmert responded.


Holder went on to say that the congressman “should not assume that that is not a big deal to me.”


“I think that it was inappropriate and it was unjust, but never think that was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that,” Holder said, pointing his finger.

Two quick observations: First, there is simply no excuse for the nation’s highest law enforcement officer, even if pushed, to refer to a member of Congress as “buddy” or “pal” like a playground bully scrounging for lunch money. That may be the “Chicago Way” but it is entirely inappropriate. And second, whenever I see a politician point his finger to emphasize a point, it’s impossible not to think of

Bill Clinton and his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” moment. Or Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook speech.” Finger pointing, as we have seen time and time again, is usually done by people who have something to hide.

And Eric Holder has much to hide.

And arrogance to burn.

Lining up vs. Rauner

Pete Seeger, Commie, gone to his reward

More wisdom from the South Side:

Famous Dead Reds and Past Pinks
Leon Despres (dec,) -99
Pete Seeger(dec,) – 94
Studs Terkel (dec.)- 95
Dawn Clark Netsch(dec.) -86
Frank Marshall Davis (dec.)-82
Clarence Darrow (dec.)- 80

Trend here: they live a long time.

Still around:

Living the Over Throw of Capitalism
Dr. Quentin Young – 91 and still plotting

Personal recollection re: Dr. Young: During my stint at Chi Daily News, 1968-78, a story about him had his free admission to being a Marxist. Next day, the writer, opening the paper, saw that this had been edited out by a sub-editor in charge of that particular big feature story. He, the late Bob Tamarkin, was surprised at this and left his chair to go and ask the sub-editor, who had clearly deemed the admission not to be news fit to print.

I don’t know what happened. I had other things to do that day, and never pursued the matter. But it was Bob and I for the first part. We happened to be sitting next to each other. The incident stayed with me as evidence of the leftist tilt of some at the paper, shown in this case to protect Quentin Young from his own candor.

Alphabet neurosis: Mary Mitchell has a letter for it

I can’t stand what Mary M. writes, so she’s my special M-word. Protestants too. Can’t stand ’em. They’re my P-word. Quite a few Catholics too; I’m working on words for them. Shakespeare, kick in the rear, happy new year; don’t like him. He’s my S-word. Anything to satisfy my neuroses.

T-word for Tribune, except on Sundays; once a week is enough. NYT-word, of course. Complicated? Yes, but it’s not easy being neurotic. Ask Monk on TV. Years ago I heard “big C” for cancer, a word best left unused at the time. We got over that. Now we even have a society named after it.

Back to M-word (as above), who wants blacks to stop using the N-word. M-word frets about B people using the N-word while indulging her bilious resentment of that W woman, the D-woman, you know the one I mean, who “copped” (M-word’s word) to using the N-word 20 years ago, giving heavy occasion for group neurosis to vent spleen, forcing many W people to upchuck on their good suits. M-word frets and resents and that’s her idea of a fun time. Yuck!

Ed Burke a social justice issue? Like Paula Deen?

Ald. Ed Burke was in the news again, 6/1 & 6/3/13 for making money for himself where the sun don’t shine, that is, in shady places, where civic virtue fades gradually into many kinds of gray. Social justice issue? I think so.

Ed votes on the one hand for taxes, raising money for gummint, on the other hand lowers it with tax breaks for clients who pay well for the help he gives them. With one hand he giveth (to clients), with another he taketh away (from taxpayers). Blessed be Burke.

He’s the lord of the money rings, a dandy dresser — at thousands a suit and hundreds for shirt and tie, the late Tom Roeser once said on his blog site now removed.

But R. Cooley has the goods on him, it seems, in Ed’s use of the N-word. Consider Paula Deen, called out by Mary Mitchell, who should look up Ed Burke in Robert Cooley’s book When Corruption Was King: How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, Then Brought the Outfit Down. Mary could set the ball rolling for a Burke ouster if she ran with pages 162 and 215, where Burke condones murders of two blacks, in each case saying, “It’s only a fucking nigger.”

Long time ago, yes. About the time Paula Deen was telling her husband, apparently in private, that a “nigger” had held her up at a bank where she worked. She said that in a deposition in answer to a generic question, also that she had recounted what some blacks had said.

There may be more to her alleged insensitivity than that, but you can’t tell from Mary Mitchell’s column, which with the howler, “Paula Deen is toast. Because when one white woman alleges that another white woman is calling black folks n

Austin: Chicago\’s Deadliest Neighborhood? – The 312 – July 2012 – Chicago

Austin: Chicago\’s Deadliest Neighborhood? – The 312 – July 2012 – Chicago.

Not per capita, Chi Mag says in re: Crain’s Chi Business article, which writer praises, offering this as well-meant corrective:

Neighborhood Population Homicides Homicides per 100k
Washington Park 11,717 10 85.3
West Garfield Park 18,001 14 77.8
West Englewood 35,505 26 73.2
Woodlawn 25,983 18 69.3
Greater Grand Crossing 32,602 22 67.5
Englewood 30,654 19 62.0
North Lawndale 35,912 21 58.5
Chicago Lawn 55,628 26 46.7
New City 44,377 20 45.1
Chatham 31,028 11 35.5
Auburn Gresham 48,743 17 34.9
Austin 98,514 34 34.5
South Shore 49,767 17 34.2
West Pullman 29,651 10 33.7
Roseland 44,619 14 31.4
Humboldt Park 56,323 13 23.1
Brighton Park 45,368 10 22.0
Near West Side 54,881 11 20.0
South Lawndale 79,288 14 17.7


Sneed’s ms. as good as a smile

Michael Sneed, female columnist, tells NY archdiocese p.r. man to “check [his] facts” after he refers to her as Mister Sneed.

She had suggested NY Cardinal Dolan had simply copied the pope when he visited prisoners.

The p.r. man said it’s been standard practice for Card. Dolan.

“Check your facts,” said Ms. Sneed, attempting to make silk purse out of sow’s ear, that is, her jumping to a cute conclusion.

Lest we think media problems are new . . .

Here are a few items from previous centuries:

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.
Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”
— Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
Source: letter to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

“Newspapers have degenerated.
They may now be
absolutely relied upon.”
— Oscar Wilde

“The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines
is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.”
— Samuel Butler


The Wilde quote is ambiguous. “Relied upon” to lead us astray, apparently.

Black crime: rock and hard place for police and aldermen

Black aldermen vs. Chi police chief McCarthy. Met with Mayor Rahm’s liaison about murders in their wards.

Ald. Will Burns (4th), who attended the meeting with Hynes, added, “We want peoples’ rights to be respected. But we want more aggressive policing. We want more traffic stops, DUI and seat belt enforcement as a way to find the bad guys.”

Sounds reasonable to me, but years ago stop-and-frisk was a byword for aggressive police action and black citizens and others vociferously objected.

Question would be: Can this Ald. Burns and his fellow Black Caucus members take the heat from the sort of police activity he wants? Can you imagine the uproar in their neighborhoods?


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