Column: White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror

No thanks, Dahleen. I am so eaten up with self-hate, you know. Can’t stand the sight.

While we’re at it, how are you with your white workmates? You must be a joy for them, though some may like wallowing.

But me? Count me out.

Later, alligator.

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Wrinkle in time of Jussie Smollett

Now to protecting two witnesses:

Law enforcement sources connected to the investigation tell TMZ, the 2 brothers who were arrested and then released are staying somewhere around the Loop in downtown Chicago under the watchful eye of police so no one gets to them. We’re told cops especially want to make sure Jussie does not contact the brothers.

Fearing Jussie will tamper? Apparently.

By the way, may I add that if it was a hoax, we have to give F’s to whoever devised it. Ridiculous on its face. As ‘hood resident told NY Post,

“I don’t believe it happened the way he said it did,” said Agin Muhammad, who lives in the same swank high-rise near the Navy Pier as Smollett.

“I’ve been in this neighborhood five years. I don’t believe it, not around here … Half the people are gay and the other half are black.”

Exaggerating for effect probably. Yet and still . . .


A patron at Lizzie McNeill’s Irish Pub, about a block from the scene of the alleged Jan. 29 incident, said Smollett’s story “doesn’t really make sense.”

“It’s a lie, because Chicago is the most liberal city around,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name. “They have cameras everywhere … Why can’t they find the attack?”

In sum, the hoax-creator needs or would need a new writer. Not that there haven’t been dumber plots on b-level shows. Or a-level, for that matter.  . . .

Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO

A case of Alinsky’s patented rubbing raw the sores of discontent:

The past and much-anticipated future riots in Ferguson, Missouri aren’t spontaneous civil disorder—they are an example of how the U.S. is governed in the multicultural, post-American age.

Undeterred by the Trayvon Martin farce, the Main Stream Media, professional racial activists, and Obama’s Justice Department are implacably committed to the story that police officer Darren Wilson murdered “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown, regardless of the facts.

And the riots widely predicted if Darren Wilson isn’t indicted are less a protest against police misconduct than a ginned up attempt to ensure black voter turnout. It’s not a protest against the system—it’s the system working as designed.

via Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO.

Ed Burke a social justice issue? Like Paula Deen?

Ald. Ed Burke was in the news again, 6/1 & 6/3/13 for making money for himself where the sun don’t shine, that is, in shady places, where civic virtue fades gradually into many kinds of gray. Social justice issue? I think so.

Ed votes on the one hand for taxes, raising money for gummint, on the other hand lowers it with tax breaks for clients who pay well for the help he gives them. With one hand he giveth (to clients), with another he taketh away (from taxpayers). Blessed be Burke.

He’s the lord of the money rings, a dandy dresser — at thousands a suit and hundreds for shirt and tie, the late Tom Roeser once said on his blog site now removed.

But R. Cooley has the goods on him, it seems, in Ed’s use of the N-word. Consider Paula Deen, called out by Mary Mitchell, who should look up Ed Burke in Robert Cooley’s book When Corruption Was King: How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, Then Brought the Outfit Down. Mary could set the ball rolling for a Burke ouster if she ran with pages 162 and 215, where Burke condones murders of two blacks, in each case saying, “It’s only a fucking nigger.”

Long time ago, yes. About the time Paula Deen was telling her husband, apparently in private, that a “nigger” had held her up at a bank where she worked. She said that in a deposition in answer to a generic question, also that she had recounted what some blacks had said.

There may be more to her alleged insensitivity than that, but you can’t tell from Mary Mitchell’s column, which with the howler, “Paula Deen is toast. Because when one white woman alleges that another white woman is calling black folks n

Austin: Chicago\’s Deadliest Neighborhood? – The 312 – July 2012 – Chicago

Austin: Chicago\’s Deadliest Neighborhood? – The 312 – July 2012 – Chicago.

Not per capita, Chi Mag says in re: Crain’s Chi Business article, which writer praises, offering this as well-meant corrective:

Neighborhood Population Homicides Homicides per 100k
Washington Park 11,717 10 85.3
West Garfield Park 18,001 14 77.8
West Englewood 35,505 26 73.2
Woodlawn 25,983 18 69.3
Greater Grand Crossing 32,602 22 67.5
Englewood 30,654 19 62.0
North Lawndale 35,912 21 58.5
Chicago Lawn 55,628 26 46.7
New City 44,377 20 45.1
Chatham 31,028 11 35.5
Auburn Gresham 48,743 17 34.9
Austin 98,514 34 34.5
South Shore 49,767 17 34.2
West Pullman 29,651 10 33.7
Roseland 44,619 14 31.4
Humboldt Park 56,323 13 23.1
Brighton Park 45,368 10 22.0
Near West Side 54,881 11 20.0
South Lawndale 79,288 14 17.7


Whose kind of Terror Town is Chicago?

Eight shot last night in Terror Town, in Chicago’s once-white-posh South Shore neighborhood, of 19 shot in nine hours.  Coming up in tomorrow’s Sun-Times, a story about GUNS. 

Of course.  Mediums love stories about guns.  Allows them to be righteous about bad guys who supply them.  But what about shooters? 

They profile victims all the time, wringing hands about innocent people or kids who never had a chance, etc.  But do they profile shooters?  Why not?  Do him, his family, his neighborhood, IN DEPTH, as they say, or in shallow, early and often.

Blaming usual suspects if they must — gun suppliers, bad schools, right-wingers who lack sympathy, etc. — but while they are at it, the culture of dependency, the role of welfare in rewarding the father-free and in making fathers superfluous, the constant blame-whitey chatter from “Rev.” Sharpton and his ilk.

I ask too much and get carried away.  I have in mind a consulting of William Julius Wilson and his ilk, and a polling of pastors in the ‘hood.  I remember one I talked to decades ago after his long, long service, who told me of the pressure politicians put on him to gain his pulpit.  Someone candid but not blowing his horn.

A story featuring the pastors, and not just the ones who stage and lead marches, but ones the reporter — Chi Trib’s “Seeker” will do, or one of Sun-Times’s shoe-leather wearers-out, door-knockers, telephone-callers — finds by asking around, starting with denominational execs at to who’s who and trying at all times to separate wheat from chaff among them.

Can be done.  Beats the usual guns story, which I’m betting will quote Fr. Pfleger.  If the next guns story doesn’t quote him, I will eat my delete key.




Rev. Wright calls it like it more or less is . . .

Rev. Jeremiah Wright at New Tabernacle Baptist Church, 531 North Kedzie, yesterday:

“Some of these things [black-on-black crime] have to do with the government and some of these things have to do with our relationships with each other,” [italics mine] Wright told a group at an anti-violence program . . .

Parallel structure demands “Some . . . with the government . . . some . . . with us.”  But you can’t be direct in that situation.  Rev. Wright can’t alienate his base, no.  And so he holds back, just a little.

And the government’s role as partially responsible? 

Making a good point nonetheless, in truncated manner nonetheless.

The Atlanta case: A study in black

Ever wonder why there are no black incompetents on TV?  Especially among police, judges, and prosecutors?  If so, you will wonder even more if you read Nicholas Stix’s “Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta”:

During the sixties, white civic leaders liked to call Atlanta “The city too busy to hate.” But it turns out that the real Atlanta always has time to hate.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, blacks flocked to Atlanta. The attendant violent crime drove out tens of thousands of whites, resulting in a black majority and the election of the city’s first black mayor, Maynard Jackson, in 1973. Atlanta has now been under black rule for almost 40 years.

This period has seen the racial corruption of every level of law enforcement and criminal justice—from 911 dispatchers who don’t know where major landmarks are, to cops who don’t understand police “10 codes” (e.g., a “10-13”), to jailers and prosecutors who identify with black felons, to judges who repeatedly grant a persistent felon “first-time offender status,” until he murders someone. 

Bad scene: reality vs. television shows.

On the other hand, a Wikipedia article gives a rather upbeat version of crime in Atlanta.  Which Stix concedes, noting improvement.

In July 2002, Mayor Shirley Franklin appointed as police Chief Richard Pennington, also black of course, who served through 2009. Pennington had supposedly turned around the country’s most corrupt police department in New Orleans.

Pennington shrewdly created a baseline that presented the department he inherited as possibly the country’s most incompetent, and Atlanta as the “most dangerous city in the country.” For example, his audit showed that, in 2002 alone, officials had lost and/or destroyed 22,000 reports from 911 calls.

Pennington changed Atlanta from America’s third-most violent city, to number 18. (It was never most violent—that honor goes to Flint, Michigan.) His methods included computerized statistical analysis and humiliating commanders at meetings, i.e., methods William Bratton made famous in “disappearing” crime in New York. [Ex-APD Chief Richard Pennington has a stroke by Rhonda Cook, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 17, 2010.]

Back on the first hand, TV gives a sharply skewed picture of crime in general.

Television’s portrayal of criminals also diverges markedly from real life. According to the latest FBI arrest reports, crimes are disproportionately committed by males, young people, nonwhites, the poor and the unemployed. They act out of a wide variety of motives, and more often than not their crimes go unpunished.

 In the fantasy world of prime-time television most of these relationships are reversed. The bulk of prime-time criminals are male but they also tend to be white middle- or upper-class adults. Their transgressions usually stem directly from simple greed and they are usually thwarted before the closing credits. We shall consider each of these characteristics of TV criminals in turn.

Bigger issue: By what misguided calculation is it racist, as some will say, to point out that we are systematically misled?

Mary Mitchell vs. Joe Walsh: she misses the point


Joe Walsh
Did she miss his point? Joe Walsh (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Mary Mitchell says Congr. Joe Walsh is spreading an “old and tired” stereotype when he says blacks are dependent on government. She proves it by spreading the old and tired argument that most on welfare etc. are whites. But that’s proving very little, in that blacks are 13% of the total, which we all think she realizes.

What she’s looking for is the percentage of blacks who are on welfare etc. This is what backs up or refutes Walsh. Would she please look that up and report back to us readers? I could do it but I’ll be darned if I’m going to do her work for her.

Liberal sound-alikes

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala - read ho...
Would she have wanted to be Cherokee on time for the Trail of Tears? photo from the Time 100 Gala – Elizabeth Warren. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama and Ms. Warren of Massachusetts:

President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren have more in common than just their liberal political ideology, Harvard Law pedigree, and Democratic Party affiliation. Both claim Cherokee ancestry, and neither can prove it.

Birds of a feathah!