Young woman Claims Israel Was Behind 9/11, ISIS, Charlie Hebdo Attack. What will happen to her?

This is the lady,   an asst prof at Oberlin College, in Ohio (Lena Dunham went there), where tuition is $49 thousand-and-change and room, board, and fees are twenty-thou more, who came up with this

to dramatize her carefully considered geopolitical theories.

Who she?

Joy Karega is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition. Her teaching and research interests include Black political and protest literacies [sic], translingual [sic] composition, rhetoric and composition historiography, social justice writing, and writing pedagogy.

She is currently working on a book project that draws upon archival research and oral history and historicizes [sic] the political literacy education of the Black Liberation Front International, a Black student organization at Michigan State University from 1968 to 1975.

She got her doctorate at U. of Louisville in 2014, is an un-tenured radical of a generation taught by tenured radicals. By now the 2nd or 3rd such generation, at least.

If she is ever denied tenure, she will not take it like a woman. There will be protests and a university president may have to resign. But there will be a place for her, as sure as God made little apples.

Source: Oberlin Professor Claims Israel Was Behind 9/11, ISIS, Charlie Hebdo Attack | The Tower

Fr. Barron gone, Abp Cupich can further remake Chicago, says Crux writer

The seminary’s the thing, social justice to be king?

As rector of Mundelein, Barron reworked the curriculum to focus on the New Evangelization, an idea promulgated by Pope John Paul II and institutionalized at the Vatican in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI aimed at engaging contemporary culture with the Catholic faith.

Whether Cupich’s choice to replace Barron changes the focus of that curriculum — and in what direction — will be closely scrutinized by Church-watchers.

Bye-by New Evangelization, hello Social Gospel?

(BTW, the former is “in a nutshell . . . salesmanship,” wrote Crux’s John Allen from Rome in March of ’13, in his National Catholic Reporter days, which is linked above.)

Thank God for abortion?

​Loyola U.-Chicago lays an egg:

One day before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Loyola University Chicago will host a journalist who once thanked God for abortion on television.​

​Woe is us. Thing is, top- or middle-level Romantic Catholic leaders ​just want abortion to go away, not so much in real life as in public discourse. It’s an embarrassment, interferes with the business they want to conduct. They just aren’t interested.

Does class make you rich, or other way around?

Class determines wealth except when it doesn’t, and thereby falls the Marxian analysis, says Joseph Schumpeter in his 1942 book, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

“Obvious and indisputable” facts of history “do not show on the Marxian canvas” because of their “un-Marxian implications.” But Marx can’t ignore the “distant past” if he means to demonstrate class warfare as essential to the human condition. The problem is that

class positions, though in most cases reflected in more or less corresponding economic positions, are more often the cause than the consequence of [economic success]: business achievement is obviously not . . . the only avenue to social eminence and only where it is can ownership of means of production . . . determine a group’s position in the social structure. [italics mine]

In this which-came-first scenario, in other words, economic dominance — owning the means of production — has not always dictated lord-of-the-manner standing.

Moreover, becoming a capitalist (or proletarian) is not a “once for all” phenomenon. This is “not only utterly unrealistic . . . but it misses the salient point about social classes—the incessant rise and fall of individual families into and out of the upper strata.”

Nouveau riche and social climbers we call the up-and-comers, shabby genteel the once-up-now-downers.

“I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor,” said the red-hot-mama songstress. “Rich is better.”

Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO

A case of Alinsky’s patented rubbing raw the sores of discontent:

The past and much-anticipated future riots in Ferguson, Missouri aren’t spontaneous civil disorder—they are an example of how the U.S. is governed in the multicultural, post-American age.

Undeterred by the Trayvon Martin farce, the Main Stream Media, professional racial activists, and Obama’s Justice Department are implacably committed to the story that police officer Darren Wilson murdered “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown, regardless of the facts.

And the riots widely predicted if Darren Wilson isn’t indicted are less a protest against police misconduct than a ginned up attempt to ensure black voter turnout. It’s not a protest against the system—it’s the system working as designed.

via Manufacturing Dissent—The Ruling Class’s Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO.

The black-robed regiment on call . . .

Clergy to the pulpit barricades!

AURORA IL – Sunday evening, the Illinois Family Institute hosted several hundred Illinoisans who gathered at Aurora Christian School to hear Pastor, Author, and Oklahoma State Representative Dan Fisher call for Illinois clergy to “wake up” and join a modern day Black Robed Regiment.


The Black Robed Regiment was the name the British placed on the American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore). The British blamed the Black Robed Regiment for American Independence, and American leaders agreed

” We’re all Catholics now,” the Episcopal priest said at a rally in the Federal center a few years back, referring to the impingements on religious liberty fostered by ObamaCare.

Trouble is, in N. Illinois the RC priests are mostly liberals politically, if not in every other way.

However, I heard an excellent sermon pre-election day 2012 at St. John Vianney, Northbrook, at the 10 a.m. Latin mass. Quite good indeed.

Who Is Morally Obliged to Pay to Level the Playing Field?

Asked to pony up to make things fair? Look out.

A sure sign that someone is making an argument for a policy that will unjustly pick the pockets of consumers in order to artificially and unjustly inflate the revenues of some producers is that person’s use of the term “level playing field.” This phrase is almost always a smiley-face mask for a plea for special privileges for certain producers. (I say “almost always,” although I honestly cannot recall a single instance of the phrase “level playing field” being used in any way other than the way I describe here. I could easily and truthfully drop the “almost.”)

My best example of that is, while quizzing possible school board candidates some years ago, hearing one man, a successful marketing entrepreneur with good instincts about how to deal with people, say uneven results ipso facto called for “leveling the playing field.” It had been leveled, but not enough, not until we got leveled or at least better results!

“ISIS beheading children systematically”

A plea for prayers from Crisis Relief International via e-blast:

“We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are
beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling
food too. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10
minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city
of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated it’s staff in Erbil. Our team is
unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!”


A Leo man is promoted to everlasting life

He is Robert L. Hylard, who cashed in at 86 and remained loyal to his school to the end.









Pat Hickey tells us about him.

He was

the Kid from VIZ [Visitation parish, 55th Street] who played in Leo’s Marching Band for four years, wrote for and helped edited the school news paper the Oriole, ‘trod the boards’ in every Leo Dramatic production from junior year on, and played lightweight football on the cinders and broken beer bottle glass of Shewbridge Field – the iconic home to Leo High School football, now Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary.

He is remembered with affection.

The young African American, Mexican and Canaryville Irish kids who now attend Mr. Hylard’s Alma Mater knew him well. Bob Hylard made all of the football home games, most of the away and every Leo High School event that showcased the talents and skills of our young men a huge mark on his calendar.

Leo remains a boys’ school, vigorously supported and operated by its mostly (S. Side) Irishers, a haven of excellence in a rough neighborhood.

More about Leo here.