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Mass complainer finds relief, somehow . . .

Looonnnggg song and organ recital between readings Sunday, 8:30 mass, we spectators caught in a web of musicality for a good ten minutes! Participation? Or obedient listening, waiting for the spirit to move us. Blah.

Followed by 2nd reading, slow and moony by soft-voiced woman. Then 8:50 the gospel, at long last. Followed by sermon, at-first slightly bookish but logically progressing — with, lo and behold (they say there is no grace), a sense for the listener that this was the dawning of a time of peace and good will towards his fellow-worshipers.

Look, you never know what’s going to work or when or quite how. But the elderly male worshiper found something new in mass this day. Along with his incurable woolgathering, of course, but that’s another story . . .

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