Neck and neck again

Mrs. C. and Mr. T.

Joe Biden, he craaaazy

“Inappropriate touching,” for one thing.

A heartbeat away, compliments of DEMOCRATS. (Would have to be. No Repub could get away with it.)

Trump vs. shariah law

Wall St. Journal here:

It wasn’t immediately clear what the test—he called it “extreme vetting,” a phrase that didn’t appear in his prepared remarks—would include, but Mr. Trump suggested he would ban not only terrorist sympathizers but those who believe in Shariah law, don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution or “support bigotry and hatred.”

Shariah law is the legal system of Islam that governs public and private behavior.

So much for a nonstarter. Shariah-supporters we do not want.

Such as this Trump-bashing Hillary supporter

Read this and weep. $100 million for Black Lives Matter.

Ford Foundation strikes again.

Snooty Egyptian gets the boot

Take that, you sad excuse for an Olympian.

Clinton Crime Family Foundation?

Damn straight.

How to bird-dog your local newspaper

via A message from the Star Tribune | Power Line