President Nixon v. press, revisited by Axelrod and friends

David A. is a “believer,” he says in his book title, but in what does he believe? That is the question posed here:

In October 2009, the Obama White House launched a concerted attack against critical press coverage, one unparalleled since the days of the Nixon White House. In one respect, Barack Obama and Richard Nixon were in agreement: both perceived a distinctly liberal bias in the media. Nixon denounced the press for its leftism, Obama objected to the press’s deviation from it. So Obama and his senior staff singled out for condemnation Fox News, the lone television network that did not serve up the fawning coverage the president and his team had come to expect.

In “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech,” Kirsten Powers recounts that in the space of a few days, White House communications director Anita Dunn, her deputy Dan Pfeiffer, White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel openly asserted that the administration properly excluded Fox reporters from press briefings because Fox was not a legitimate news organization. When asked for comment by NBC News, President Obama stood behind his team.

“Unparalled,” says the writer, citing K. Powers’s new book.

David, David, is this how you felt in your Chi Trib days as a member of the media, as we say?

Some believer he, packaging for us a major league deceiver — to whom he remained loyal to a fault, though with what the Economist reviewer generously called a “broken heart.” Sure.

An atheist who changed

Einstein helped him arrive at belief in God.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s Hit List of Usual Suspects (Jonathan vs The People ) | Juju Films

A bit of Nigerian politics here, delivered with aplomb.

SOMETIMES HATEFUL IS GOOD:  Case in point:  David French:  I’m more hateful than Pamela Geller. …

Hate evil, flip side of loving good.

BBQ Restaurant to Hold ‘White Appreciation Day”

Hey. What’s fair is fair.

Hillary Has Only Taken 8 Questions from Media Since Announcing

8 more than Bill advised her to.

She’s to the manor born (Park Ridge?) and don’t need no questions from you lower elements.

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Dead

Jim Bowman:

Like me at mass in the Year of Our Lord 2015 — with rare exceptions. Ignore, ignore “presider.,” focus on event, namely holy sacrifice of the mass.

Originally posted on chandleur:

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Dead
Once you have kids and fall into the trap of working from home life becomes a whirlpool. Wait a minute, I just looked it up and the better word for life at home with the kids, food and work is maelstrom. Furniture, blender, kitchen, wailing children, cranky spouse, laptop all swirl like planets in a constellation doing their best to undo an orderly life.
I miss my association with a big organisation. The automatic recognition of you being somebody once you are an important cog in the corporate machine. No Matter, forward soldiers regardless.
I asked my mind what to do about it. It said, ‘ignore.’ Pretend you are dead. It works. I have killed myself existentially. I am but a body lying there the rest of me is floating above deaf to mayhem and disobedience from my kids. My third eye will only intervene…

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Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America? | TheHill

A liberal writer doesn’t like it but wants to be linked by Drudge, “wink-wink.”

Rush Limbaugh attributes Drudge’s success to his going for what people care about, regardless of correctness. A business model rejected long ago by mainstreamers.

Gauchos-Motorcycle Cowboy Milkmen of Chandigarh

Jim Bowman:

Fresh from the udder via motorcycle. Entrepreneurism at work in the subcontinent.

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Most people prefer the pasteurised milk that arrives in half litre polythene packets from established government milk plants. Some with roots in rural Punjab prefer their milk fresh from the udders delivered by milkmen riding on motorcycles with huge aluminium and colorful plastic containers. They are an essential part of morning life in Chandigarh.

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Report: More Than 92 Million Americans Remain Out Of Labor Force « CBS DC

This bad news has trickled up to CBS local station in the nation’s capital. Wow.


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