Francis Turns Vatican Into Latin American Gay Junta

The beat goes on.



Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation submitted . . .

. . . 3 years ago on his 75th birthday in accord with canon law.

All it took from Francis was to tell him thank you, go in peace. He didn’t, because (a) he knew nothing of Wuerl’s record in regard to sex-abuse cover-up — if so, why not? — or (b) he knew but decided the hell with it, this guy is someone I trust to follow my program.

He’s my kind of cardinal, that sort of thing.

Wuerl with his distinguished predecessor when Wuerl received the D.C. baton in 2006.

Francis should take a cue from Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich, who canned a pastor on the first complaint — highly unusual in Chicago or anywhere else — and kept him canned when the months-long hearing of his case came up empty.

On second thought, no. Bad example there. Maybe consult Cardinal Burke?

Him? No, he being on the outs for some time with the reigning pontiff.


Fr. Rosica’s gift keeps giving. Here’s Catholic Herald on his giving carte blanche to this pope . . .

Putting him in charge and loving it, regardless of Scripture and Tradition.

What a guy. What a pope, for that matter. Where’s his rebuttal of Fr. R. the uncanny Canadian who works for the Vatican still? None coming, is my bet.

via Vatican adviser: Pope ‘breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants’ |

The Intercommunion Proposal of the German Bishops is Unbiblical

At it again, are they? The bishops, that is.

Soon to be squelched by Pope Francis?

Hardly. Francis is not one to throw cold water on a carefully discerned proposal that brings us in touch with modern times.

via Crisis Magazine

Flashback: Cardinal Cupich Honors Cardinal McCarrick for “Helping the Church”

Featuring Card. Cupich and Chicago’s Fr. Jack Wall.

Embarrassing for all concerned.

via Chicago Daily Observer

Vatican advisor Fr. Rosica tells Pope Francis’ critics to ‘go to confession’

He protests out-of-context interpretation of his blog article, but:

The article was seen as so outrageous that the news agency ZENIT, which regularly republishes Rosica’s blog posts, edited the piece soon after Catholic news outlets began to report on it, removing the references to Francis’ disregard for tradition and the Scriptures.

Yes. Even Vatican-friendly Zenit saw what a nutty article it was, softening its impact. Or Zenit was protecting Rosica, doing a bit of red-penciling for him.

Alas, too late. Stuff hit the fan but good, and the irrepressible papal advisor is doubling down, sending out his original screed via link, with inflammatory final paragraph intact.

Oh, but wait. Francis is about to shoot down his sycophant’s outrageous claims.

For those who think that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn on the market, cash only.

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Write a letter to Francis

Urging him to investigate, then . . .

. . . if guilty, lock them up. (That is, give lawmen what you have, recommending prosecution.)

He’s waiting anxiously for this from you!!

via Petition – Complicit Clergy

“Criminal Nancy boys” — heart’s complaint vs. the ruling bishops

Have to admit, sometimes I feel this way myself.

The ring of criminal Nancy Boys is the same ring that has been sedulously working for decades to undermine the integrity of the doctrinal, moral, sacramental, liturgical Church.

These men – McCarrick, McElroy, Wuerl, O’Malley, Mahony, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, Lynch, Weakland, Paglia, Maradiaga, their lovable mouthpiece James Martin, Thomas Rosica, and far too many others, including ones who have passed on to their eternal fate, such as Lyons, Boland, Brom – are the same ones who have destabilized and adulterated catechesis, theology, liturgy, and most obviously the Church’s commitment to the unchanging moral law, as we saw in the Amoris Laetitia debacle and all that surrounded and succeeded it.

We must connect the dots and not pretend to be shocked when we see, for example, attempts under way to “re-interpret” Humanae Vitae through a false teaching on conscience, or to do away with clerical celibacy, or to introduce female deacons.

Seeing Chicago’s Cupich consigned to this rogues’ gallery, I am reminded of his immediately scheduling Fr. Martin for the Cathedral last Lent after Catholic U. and other institutions withdrew their invitations to the same fellow.

Not to mention his summary dismissal of Fr. Frank Phillips as pastor of the thriving Tridentine-friendly St. John Cantius parish — when the investigation he ordered had not even begun.

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Francis don’t need no stinkin’ Scripture and Tradition, he’s perfect, writes a member of his inner circle

But it’s now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t time at a semi-official news service.

Please, read the following words, taken from an article written by Fr. Thomas Rosica, the Canadian priest who is one of the main English-speaking members of Francis’ inner circle, and published by news agency Zenit on July 31, 2018 [August 14 Update: Zenit has removed the controversial part quoted below, but the whole article can be seen at the end of this post]:

The killer quote, before removal, with boldface added:

Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants, because he is “free from disordered attachments.” Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture.

Note that the above is the final paragraph — his closer, meant to conclude the argument, giving reader something to remember — of this stunning analysis by a Vatican insider, onetime #2 in the Holy See’s press office, a spokesman for the Pope close to The Big Guy himself , now himself a blogger.

“Astonishing,” says RORATE CÆLI:

This is astonishing on so many levels it is hard to digest: first, the proclamation that the Church has entered a supposedly “new phase”, guided by this new kind of post-Christian Messianic leader, a kind of Catholic “Reverend Moon”; second, the appalling admission that this new kind of leader has a tyrannical hold on the Church that is completely separate, independent from Scripture and Tradition, and that goes beyond both.

Rev. Moon? Hmmm.


The Gay Elephant in the Sacristy

A vote of no confidence in our bishops:

In the wake of the McCarrick revelations many clerics have taken pen in hand to see if they can sucker, yet again, the Laity.

They write gravely of review panels, protecting minors and everything under the sun except the one fact that every sentient Catholic knows:  our clergy have been heavily infiltrated by the Lavender Mafia and that wretched group helped propel McCarrick to his cardinal’s cap and protected him from any revelation of his misdeeds by other knowing high ranking clerics, who obviously either feared the Lavender Mafia, were part of it, or had misdeeds of their own to protect.

Seems about right.

via The American Catholic

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