Column: Weaponizing the dead of El Paso and Dayton

You’d think black lives didn’t matter in Chi-town.

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Chicago May Be the Next Major U.S. City to Declare Bankruptcy

The grim situation that should be on everyone’s minds, you’d think.

The city of Chicago is in dire fiscal and financial straits with an almost billion dollar budget deficit, bonds rated at junk status or below, numerous extremely costly legal judgments, a shrinking tax base, and unfunded public pension liabilities to the tune of an astonishing $42 billion.

Other than that, it’s a great place to live.


The state of Illinois has its own financial troubles, so the city can expect little or no help there. And good luck getting a federal bailout through the GOP Senate and signed by a president who’s been called a “racist” by the mayor.

The shrinking tax base is clear proof that citizens are already over taxed. And since it’s Democrats in charge, there won’t be much cutting of city services.

The only option for Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the city council is restructuring the city’s massive debts. In other words: bankruptcy.

Which as I have understood it, means trouble. For all of us, we presume, though for some more than others.

via Chicago May Be the Next Major U.S. City to Declare Bankruptcy


Legally blonde.

Pope Says He Doesn’t Fear Possible Schism With U.S. Conservatives

He handles nay-sayers neatly.

“The criticisms aren’t just from Americans, they are a little bit [?] everywhere,” even in the Vatican, the pope said on Tuesday, adding that he welcomes such feedback as long as it is straightforward.

News to many. He usually ignores critics.

“At least those who criticize have the honesty to say it.

Would be good if he would name one.

“I like that. I don’t like it when the criticisms are under the table and they smile and show their teeth and then there is a knife in the back,” he said.’

He likes public criticism? Wow. Holy father!

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SPEAKING OF DUMB FADS: Trump Administration Jumps Aboard Vaping-Ban Bandwagon. By all appearance…

. . . “vaping deaths” are coming from illicit THC products, not commercial preparations.

It’s not vaping but what you vape that matters, this argument goes. What’s that tobacco in your pipe?

Is it marijuana (as in the old days)? You’re under arrest!

Is it what Grandpa puffed on the porch of the old homestead? Have a nice day, Dad.

Goes for vaping too? Apparently, reports Instapundit.

Catholics walk the path toward healing

Nicely said by one of the participants in a session held recently at St. Giles parish, Oak Park (IL):

Pat Nelson, 78, and a lifelong Catholic, said, “I don’t feel I need healing. I feel the Church as an institution needs great healing.

I feel some of my 40- to 50-year-old adult children are more impacted by this scandal than I am. I think some young people have lost respect for the special calling and life dedication of the priesthood — off the pedestal so to speak.

My personal grieving is for all the good priests out there who are … being grouped with the horrible actions of other clergy.”

Her supernaturalism is refreshing, as in her remarks:

“I choose hope, dependent on faith and love,” said Nelson. “Being made up of human beings, the Catholic Church has some awful skeletons in its closet, but the Church survives because of the Resurrection, and belief in that.”

Nice going, girl!

And excellent reporting, Tom Holmes. (I know them both and endorse their messages.)


Francis’ confused thinking in Mozambique: “Our Differences are Necessary” he says.

Religious indifferentism is the word. From a Pope. But wait. Next speech he will say just the opposite. Running for king of the world, you have to make concessions along the way.

Source: Francis to Interreligious Youth in Mozambique: “Our Differences are Necessary”

Ex-President of John Paul II Institute: Francis Simply Throws Away People

Pope Peremptory.

The dismissal of Catholic professors from the John Paul II Institute in Rome was a “conviction without a trial,” its former president, Monsignore Livio Melina, told La Verit?? (August 3).

Melina and three of his colleagues were dismissed by Archbishop Paglia, the Institute’s Grand Chancellor, ???for not following a particular interpretation??? of Francis??? Amoris Laetitia.

Melina spells out what this decision means: ???It is intolerable in the Church to interpret the magisterium of Pope Francis in continuity with the previous Magisterium.???

This Amoris Laetitia is the statement where Francis upended marital morality and of which he is verrrrry protective.

‘The term ‘life’ must be redefined,’ new head of Vatican Life Academy declares | News | LifeSite

Age of Aquarius. Sickening.

???[Francis] warns us that it is risky to look at human life in a way that detaches it from experience and reduces it to biology or to an abstract universal, separated from relationships and history,??? Paglia said.

???Rather, the term ???life??? must be redefined, moving from an abstract conception to a ???personal??? dimension: life is people, men and women, both in the individuality of each person and in the unity of the human family.???

Ah. New terms are what we need. Francis’ man at helm of?? “life” academy. Chip, chip, chip away at the old ways. Lead on, Francis.

Jesuits. Corruptio optimi pessima . . .

?? . . . which as you all know means “the corruption of the best is the worst kind of corruption. Or: try “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

This priest is down on the “least society,” while allowing that??

There were truly great Jesuits.?? There still are!?? I know and respect some, and they are not all elderly.

But . . . they

. . . need a massive reform from top ??? especially from top ??? to the last and most recent of their ranks.

So . . .

Pray for a new St. Francis Xavier to rise up.?? Can you imagine what he would say, looking around???

We need Jean de Br??bouf, not Jasmine the Poof.?? When the Iroquois were torturing St. Jean to death, they drank his blood because they wanted to have his courage.?? We need new Edmund Campions, Robert Southwells, John Gerards.?? We need Rupert Mayers, not Daniel Berrigans.?? We need John de Brittos, not Roger Haights.?? We need Peter Clavers, not Thomas Reeses.??

We need Walter Ciszeks not George Tyrells.?? We need Peter Fabers, not Jon Sobrinos.?? We need Robert Bellarmines, not Daniel Maquires.?? We need Alfred Delps, not Robert Drinans.?? We need William Doyles, not Ernesto Cardenals.?? We need Aloysius Gonzagas, not Jacques Dupuis. We need John Hardons, not John Dears.

We need Miguel Agust??n Pro Ju??rez, not Antonio Spadaros.?? We need Jean Pierre de Caussades, not??Pierre Teilhard de Chardins. We need Francis Borgias, not Pedro Arupes.?? We need??Claude de la Colombieres, not?? Carlo Maria Martinis.??We need Peter Canisius, not Karl Rahners.

It’s a list featuring today’s headliner mischief-makers vs. saints and other honorable headliners, mostly of times gone by.????

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