Every fourth federal employee would do WHAT if Trump is elected???

Read this.

What Makes Voters Support Donald Trump?

One helluva lead here:

DES MOINES, Iowa—Like a previously undiscovered earthquake fault, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is threatening to fracture the Republican electoral coalition along new lines. In the process he could disrupt both the demographic and geographic alignments that have defined previous races for the GOP nomination—and scramble the assumptions of his rivals about the coalitions they believed could power them to victory.

Out with the old, in with the what?

He has replaced those old divisions [based on ideology and religious affiliation] with a new division that centers on education, building an advantage among working-class Republicans large enough to lead in virtually all surveys both nationally and in the critical early states.


America’s Economic Freedom Has Rapidly Declined Under Obama

And they call it liberalism.

ACLU vs. police in Chicago, where . . .

. . . “street cops” say they lay off stops, etc. because of dept’s pact with it, and that’s why spike in crime.

Does Trump put you off with his diction? Listen to this . . . 

I mean, really . . . 

Source: Donald Trump, Masterpiece Theatre Edition | Power Line

Cam Newton Loves Fun

Big kid loves kids.

After Carolina Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart ran in for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, Stewart handed the ball to a little girl in the stands. Just look at her face:

Makes my annoyance at his showboating slip away.

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The Cam Newton dance . . . 

. . . does not sit well with his opponents.

The one thing Cam is doing that’s unique to him is dancing after just about every big play he makes. His dance of choice is called The Dab, which is meant to represent someone coughing after taking a hit of marijuana. When Cam “Dabs,” it infuriates some opponents . . .

You see, to a lot of players, Cam Newton plays like a showboating a–hole. And in the heat of battle there are no white showboating a–holes, or black show-boating a–holes, there is only the United States of Show-Boating A—holes, with Cam being the president and his teammate, Cornerback Josh Norman, being VP.

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