Chicago-based Media Star Priest Off to Hollywood

From Midwest to Far West, into the belly of the media beast: (per Wall St. Journal via Google)

LOS ANGELES—A Catholic media star is coming to Hollywood.

On Tuesday, the Vatican announced that FatherRobert Barron,a popular Catholic commentator, author and television host with a significant social media following, would relocate to the Los Angeles Archdiocese from Chicago afterPope Francisnamed him an auxiliary bishop.

The move is expected to boost the Catholic church’s voice in a region that is the center of the entertainment industry and home to the nation’s largest Catholic diocese.

Father Barron will continue running a robust media operation that includes his “Word on Fire” media ministry, as well as posting video talks on his YouTube channel. His videos have been watched more than 13 million times

He’s happy as a clam:

At the announcement of his appointment in Los Angeles Tuesday, Father Barron said that he plans to carry on the mission of “evangelization of the culture, bringing Christ to the arenas of media, politics, law, education, the arts. I can’t think of a more exciting field for this sort of work than Los Angeles, which is certainly one of the great cultural centers of our time.”

. . . .

In an interview Tuesday, Father Barron said he’s eager to “meet some of the players out here, the screenwriters, actors and producers and directors.”

He has plans:

The priest’s videos and writings have a conversational tone, and often reference pop culture, history and politics. His slickly produced videos, usually about 10 minutes long—often show him sitting in a library or sanctuary. He’s tackled topics such as original sin and belief in God, but also the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on gay marriage, comedian Bill Maher and “The Hunger Games” movies.

Father Barron said his strategy is “not to scold the culture for what it’s doing wrong” but to find common points of interest.

For instance:

After criticism [by some] of the movie “Noah,” [for deviating from the Biblical original]  Father Barron brushed aside its critics.

“It’s remarkable to me how this movie preserves an awful lot of what I call the biblical logic of the story of Noah in a way, I must say, that’s rather remarkable for a major Hollywood movie,” he said. “God is clearly affirmed throughout the movie.

The ball is in Chi Archbishop Cupich’s court as to who should succeed Barron as rector of the Chicago and regional seminary, a very important post as to the quality and pastoral orientation of presumably many ordination classes of priests.

McCarthy: Pastors, staffers prepared to deal with Supreme Court marriage decision – Illinois Review

McCarthy: Pastors, staffers prepared to deal with Supreme Court marriage decision – Illinois Review.

Frequent commenter to this blog Margaret McCarthy covers  Daniel McConchie, Vice President of Government Affairs for Americans United for Life, in a Grayslake IL presentation, including threats to conscience, including:

Here in Illinois, [where] Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness is faced with a lawsuit over employment discrimination by Colin Collette because he was fired when he married his male partner.

In Illinois, we have had The “Illinois Right of Conscience” [as] one of the strongest protections for religious objections . . . successfully used to protect a Catholic pharmacist from civil penalty when he refused to supply a customer with abortificient drugs.

Currently, SB 1564 . . . passed and . . . before the General Assembly, would weaken those protections.

Chicago Tribune columnist and blogger Dennis Byrne gave us a look at this book in April as applying to abortion.

As if we weren’t looking, pro-choice forces this week are pushing an anti-conscience abortion bill through the Illinois Legislature.

Illinois Senate Bill 1564, which rewrites theHealth Care Right of Conscience Act, is designed to cripple or shut down  pregnancy resource centers, such asAid for Womenand theWomen’s Center, that offer womenalternatives to abortion.  Ironically, the bill reduces choices for women and takes direct aim at health care providers whose conscience (whether religiously inspired or for logical reasons) does not allow them to participate in abortions.

That means that workers atpregnancy crisis centers would have to violate their conscience by describing the “benefits” of abortion and refer clients to abortion clinics.

The bill is presumed also to cover same-sex confrontations, McCarthy reports:

For several years, the homosexual lobby has been aggressively seeking out businesses whose owners refused on religious grounds to provide services for their prospective weddings. When refused, the couples sued, citing discrimination based on already existing laws permitting gay marriage. 

McConchie cited numerous cases across the country of florists, caterers, wedding chapels, bakers that were singled out for attack.  Some were defended successfully, others were fined and/or put out of business.

McConchie was blunt about it, warning his Christ Church “Crossroads” audience, “You may not be interested in politics, but if you don’t pay attention, politics will roll over you.”

In a billion years we’ll all be dead? Say it isn’t so!

From Fr. George Rutler at

There is agreement among both kinds of personalities [pessimist and optimist] that the world is going to end.

Grimly or happily, they can cite physicists who expect that our own planet will be finished by the year 500,000,000,000 AD. But it will be too hot to sustain human life within a mere one billion years.

Keynes’s long run?

These days, many seem to be pessimists who think that the world will end faster than expected, at least in terms of livable conditions affected by climate change.

Some take this as a new Gospel, and skeptics are treated as heretics facing an opprobrium as harsh as it is capricious and as capricious as it is vicious.

The argument is declared settled, even though no true science is ever settled.

more more more from this wise and literate man . . .

President Obama, you are no Jack Kennedy

Which is what Ira Stoll says in this informed assessment.

On Iran or any other aspect of foreign dealings.

Encouraging stuff here: a plan to bring out the best in people

Bring Back the Jack Kemp GOP – WSJ.

Some 30 years ago, an influential congressman named Jack Kemp gave a call to Bob Woodson, and in doing so became a Republican model for empowerment politics and minority outreach.

A high-profile group of conservatives is staging a revival, looking to finally engage the modern left on the politics of the poor. Republican presidential candidates, pay attention. . . . 

Yes. The negative overwhelms. The positive, here stressed, is what counts. (Not to denigrate well-timed and -placed rebuttal, which has always to be with us.)

Hard words from a scandalized Catholic

Originally posted on Company Man:

July 16, 2015

What on earth is Pope Francis doing?

By Louie Verrecchio

From the laughable notion that recreating the Petrine Office in one’s own image and likeness is a mark of “humility,” to the dog-and-pony press conference that presented the 40,000 word Eco-Marxist manifesto Laudato Si’ to the world as a contribution to the social doctrine of the Church, the current pontificate is so lacking genuine Catholic character that its official messaging often gives off the unmistakable stench of a spin job deliberately crafted to deceive.

The farcical tones that began emanating from Rome in the early evening hours of 13 March 2013, apparently detectable to but a relative few early on, have been growing louder and louder ever since.

Today, the alarm bells being sounded by the Franciscan pontificate are so deafening that even some among the slumbering class of the neo-conservatives can’t help but be stirred.


View original 1,306 more words

Dear Prudence video: Obligation to a dying cat.

Dear Prudence video: Obligation to a dying cat..

Ladies and gentlemen, compassion gone wild/

Sweet Cakes bake-nots raise lots of moolah

Sweet Cakes by Melissa crowdfunder breaks record with $352K – Washington Times.

Going like hotcakes. Yay.

A brief look at the Obama-Kerry disaster

It’s f-word Israel today in America, thanks to President Nitwit and his legacy-hunting. Hell, it’s f-word America in America. Day of infamy, anyone, when the hand that holds the pen (and has a phone) has stabbed Israel in the back, and America too.

Details below, excerpted from Frederick Kagan’s op-ed in Wall St. Journal. Read them and weep.

* The document [signed and sealed, Sun-Times headlines] doesn’t mention the 60-day window for review by the U.S. Congress, and the language in this section suggests that action in the U.N. will not await any congressional vote.

. . . .

It is again noteworthy [after the proviso: “pending ratification by . . . the Iranian parliament”] that no mention is made of any action to be taken by the U.S. Congress, despite the nod to Iran’s legislature.

Noteworthy and damnable. F-word Congress.

Nothing in the text of the agreement itself supports President Obama’s assertion that the [international arms] embargo will last for another five years, although he may have that time frame in mind.

He can afford to toss that out, safe in knowing how little will be made of it by the Third Estate.

The U.S. is not in a very strong position to engage the Russians on [the arms embargo], since the Obama administration must get the resolution through the Security Council quickly or risk having the entire nuclear deal fall apart.

Hurry, hurry, ignoring Congress.

Read the rest of it here: Why They’re Cheering in Tehran – WSJ.

From destruction economic benefits? Not on your tintype.

Break something, pay to have it fixed, fixer uses fee to buy things, etc.? Not quite.

The Broken Window Fallacy and “Blessings” of Destruction in the Real World

  • Mises Daily July 14 2015
JULY 15, 2015

TAGS Booms and BustsHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPhilosophy and Methodology

In the early nineteenth century, Bastiat posed the story of a young man who throws a brick through the window of a baker’s shop. We’re told that this may have a bright side — that the baker must now pay a glazier to fix the window, who will then use that income to spend elsewhere, creating a ripple effect that benefits many.

Such thinking is reminiscent of what would later be used to justify the logic behind the Keynesian multiplier. Keynes would later write in the General Theory, “Pyramid building, earthquakes, even wars may serve to increase wealth.”

The Opportunity Cost of Fixing Things

As many readers already know, such logic fails to take into account the opportunity cost of the broken window. Had the window not been broken, the baker wouldn’t have paid the glazier, but maybe he would’ve spent the money on a pair of shoes instead. The shoemaker would then have income to spend elsewhere, and the same multiplier would take place — but society would be better off by exactly one window.


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