Chicago archbishop and U.S. EPA in this “fight” together: Take that, climate change!

The archbishop and the EPA administrator co-author Sun-Times op-ed.

The Most Reverend Blaise Cupich and the head woman of the nation’s whole damn Evironmental Protection Agency, also known as its Employment Prevention Agency, take us from clean air asthma-protection (who can object to it?) to this:

The fight against climate change isn’t a sprint — it’s a marathon. But with continued leadership and committed action from the archdiocese, from Chicago, and from congregations and communities across America, we can turn the challenge of climate change into an opportunity to build a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future.

A month ago, Pope Francis asked, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?”

We all know the answer, and that’s why we’re working together — faith leaders, public officials and private citizens — to make it a reality. [Italics added]

To make what a reality? Give me antecedents to match those pronouns.

And turning challenge of such and such into an opportunity? To build a cleaner, healthier, etc.? How about cleaning up the air for asthmatic children and letting it go at that?

This is such a play for national visibility as to unleash a flood of disbelief. What about flood-prevention while we’re at it?

The crafty Mundelein loved FDR and boosted the New Deal, however. There’s precedent for this, sad to say.

via Opinion: We have a moral obligation on climate change | Chicago.

Did Archbishop Cupich blow an opportunity to defend traditional marriage?

Phil Lawler, of Catholic World News, thinks so.

A contributor to the Chicago Sun-Times reports that he had a friendly exchange with Archbishop Blaise Cupich on the topic of same-sex marriage, and reproduces large chunks of that exchange for his readers. Naturally the archbishop says that he does not support legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Yet columnist Neil Steinberg observes: “To me, everything the archbishop said, except for his conclusions, is an argument for gay marriage.”

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Yet if you read the entire column you may find yourself hard-pressed to cite evidence proving Steinberg wrong.

The archbishop “thinks” this or that, sounding an uncertain trumpet. Timid.

Later (much later): It’s not his job in such a case to say what he thinks but as teacher and upholder of Catholic doctrine (a little-used reference by all but traditionalist thinkers), he should telling us what’s what, authoritatively.

Archbishop Cupich’s heart bleeds, he likes Obama’s exec order

He wants the strong man in the White House to make all things right:

On Sunday, the Chicago Archbishop who has been described as “Pope Francis’s American messenger” praised President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty and expressed concerns about the privacy of illegal immigrants who will be coming out of the shadows.

Archbishop Blase Cupich, who was recently chosen by Pope Francis to lead the Catholic Church in Chicago, has said that amnesty for illegal immigrants is on God’s agenda. He stated that the bishops of the United States are “very much in favor of action being taken to protect people who need to come out of the shadows.

“It’s been too long of a time for people to wait for comprehensive immigration reform. And so we see this as an important first step hopefully to jumpstart what’s happening,” he said on CBS’s Face The Nation.

Like many if not most bishops, he’s weak on freedom, in this case from diktat by elected official, strong on doing good, period, by any means necessary. Very big problem here for Chicago and its Catholics.