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Yakima bishop: No open borders, no really good Catholic. Laura Ingraham, butt out . . . 

New version of seamless garment here. New addition to seam is open-borders endorsement.

Source: Bishop discourages Catholics from attending Laura Ingraham event


Episcopal perps?

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Who will rid me of these troublesome bishops? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Notre Dame alum blogging at The Weekly Standard says a stand-off between Obama and the Catholic bishops on the HHS mandate “may not be good for either side.”

He gives an instance, “the disastrous situation of the president sending bishops to jail for being faithful witnesses to their religious convictions.”

I’d say he’s on to something.

Later, from an informed source, an alternate scenario:

The bishops and obama go head to head — the bishops blowing steam — and Catholics (some) getting all revved up for months. Then, just before the election — a week — Obama caves on HHS and  Catholics are relieved to relax and get off their soap boxes.

They watch the bishops on TV kiss and make up profusely to Obama — photo op all’round, conciliatory quotes from Obama, and it’s practically an endorsement just before casting their ballots. You know nothing would make many of these bishops happier…to be assured they’d get the rest of Obamacare initiated.

As the poor lad legendarily told Shoeless Joe, say it ain’t so.

Wuxtry, read all about the bishop who said he wouldn’t show up

This bishop declined to appear with a Kennedy/abortion/gay marriage/ contraception supporter at a college’s graduation.  This college disinvited the Kennedy/etc. who complained that she had not been consulted by the mean old bishop.

The American Catholic has it.

Obama vs. bishops

Separate them from pew-sitters, and the deed is done

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