Tradition-oriented African cardinal to head Vatican Office of Divine Worship

Being African means never or almost never starting mass with “good morning”:

The Church in Africa has a clear and sharp understanding of the division between immanent and transcendent, sacred and profane.

Having been to many liturgies in Africa, I have never had the experience I have had in some European countries of attending a Mass that seemed more like a school assembly.

This sense of the transcendent and sacred, which permeates the whole of life in Africa, is also seen in an attention to ceremonial that never seems out of place. [italics added]

It’s good to be friendly, but public signs of being so are not always what you want, eh?

Later: But if you scroll down to comments, you find a different kettle of fish, much of which is inside Vatican baseball which is fascinating to some, including me:

paulpriest • 2 hours ago
Unfortunately this is a stunt.
Cardinal Sarah is indeed an orthodox behemoth – one of the best Cardinals the Church possesses.
BUT – As Head of [the pontifical council] Cor Unum he was getting under the skin of the uber-progressive Caritas International – they loathed his interventionism and his having the Dicastery authority to thwart them.
[remember the top-level firings in CI?]
But Cardinal Sarah cannot be accused of anything but performing his job masterfully and devotedly
…and given the Kasper comments against African Bishops?
Moving out one of the Only Two Africans in the Curia would have been impossible…even for His Holiness….
Cardinal Sarah had to be removed from Cor Unum to keep those who have the papal ear happy
So he had to be transferred – not fired.
The CDW [after the purge from 3 wks ago] is now filled with Bugninites and [abp] Marinites….whatever His Eminence might intend to do at the CDW – he can guarantee that his underlings in middle-management will do everything in their power to counter and thwart it [with backing from those who are close to His Holiness].
Just as Cardinal Pell was moved to finance to ensure he was kept away from everything else Curial.
Cardinal Sarah is being moved away from where he was most crucially effective – in ensuring the Church’s missions, initiatives, proposals and teachings on social justice – remained Catholic.
This is NOT a good day for Holy Mother Church.
But Thank God His Eminence is still a sprightly 69 and will still be able to run rings round his enemies – and still get a few things past the wolves…
AND it means he will still be present at #Synod 15 – where ++Burke won’t be and ++Pell may not be…
Steve paulpriest • 2 hours ago
“Cardinal Sarah is being moved away from where he was most crucially effective – in ensuring the Church’s missions, initiatives, proposals and teachings on social justice – remained Catholic….This is NOT a good day for Holy Mother Church…”
Ok but the Church’s liturgy is central to the mission to the Church and he seems throughly Catholic in his comments on things, so I for one am rejoicing, especially when the doom mongers predicted that we would have an anti-Catholic appointed. Jesus Christ be praised.

paulpriest Steve • an hour ago
Do you SERIOUSLY think that Abp Marini will not hold massive influence regarding the future of all things liturgical if those all-too-close to His Holiness have their way?
Remember there was an almighty purge of the CDW less than a month ago…as well as the Congregation of the Clergy..anyone who even had a nodding acquaintance with Pope Benedict was given the ceremonial order of the boot…
Look out for who will be getting a compensatory red hat sooner than later!
Abp Marini will be a Bri-Nylon Bugninite thorn in our side for ages to come…
And Cardinal Sarah most certainly couldn’t [under this Pontiff] have been transferred to the Congregation of the Clergy – that would have been too earth-shatteringly wonderful for the orthodox and those of a traditionalist ilk…His Eminence would be countering every ‘move of the wolves’ at every turn…
Cardinal Sarah anywhere is wonderful for Holy Mother Church – he is God’s man – but he was more effectively an adversary of the wolves – and governments and big business and secularising culture-of-death promoting leviathans at the UN etc while he was head of Cor Unum…and that’s why he was ousted.

Chi noosepapers ignore bishops’ complaints?

. . . With Both Hands: News Black Out in Chicago – Catholic Bishops Make Huge Statement on Obama Choice Mandate and No Coverage.

They aren’t the only ones ignoring the bishops.  Our Oak Park parish has had nothing on the point, nor have parishes I have heard from in Pittsburgh, Joliet (IL), and Brookfield (IL).  Nor has anything happened in parishes attended by dozens of my relatives around the country who did not respond to my e-blasted question.

In which vein, let’s hear it for St. John Vianney, in Northlake (IL), where the Tridentine-mass celebrant delivered a very good sermon on the mandate, he who almost never goes political or even currents-events in his excellent homilies.  Anybody else out there who should be commended?

Social justice exposed

You were wondering about this social justice thing, where it fits in the econ-political scheme of things?  Here’s something gives an idea, which you may read and weep:

Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution. These policies aim to achieve what developmental economists refer to as more equality of opportunity than may currently exist in some societies, and to manufacture equality of outcome in cases where incidental inequalities appear in a procedurally just system. The Constitution of the International Labour Organization affirm that “universal and lasting peace can be established only if it is based upon social justice.”[6] And the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action treats social justice as a purpose of the human rights education.[7]

No wonder libs embrace the idea, which according to this statement is flawed from the outset, doomed to lead us on the road to serfdom, a classic case of good intentions leading us astray — unless you think prosperity is right around the corner of government control of things.

This be part of a Wikipedia treatment which begins by attributing the term to a Jesuit and promoted by Monsignor John A. Ryan in the 20s and 30s — he who captured minds and hearts of prelates near and afar.

Roeser on Pfleger-George: Nice try . . .

In today’s e-blast, Tom Roeser expatiates on possible pseudo-solution to the Card. George-Fr. Pfleger impasse.  (The ball is in P’s “corner,” says Card. G., who is not good at sports terminology.)  Roeser speculates that it will be dissolved in a splurge of ecclesiastical realpolitik and takes a shot at an agreeement:

Q.  Not that you have a glimmer of what a possible settlement would be?
A. I don’t. But suppose…just suppose… there comes an offer for Pfleger to head up a newly created archdiocesan office of Social Justice…so he could visit a number of parishes and do variants of his St. Sabina’s act with a hand mike where he bounced off the walls imitating Hillary Clinton. Wouldn’t that be ducky?

No, no, no.  Wldn’t fly with Fr. P., unless (maybe) he could live at St. S. and preach there on Sundays.  The extra-St. Sabina stuff he does is ancillary.  He’s married to the parish — which he never calls a parish, preferring church or congregation or faith community, because (I say) parish says unit of archdiocese, which has no place in P’s playbook.  And he considers divorce immoral. 

In St. S. he has a stable home, a place to belong to, where he can feel the love.  He will not go gently into the dark night of unaffiliation.  In my opinion.

St. Sabina prays

St. Sabina parishioners gird their loins.

The leadership is requesting a Corporate Fast on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. The focus scripture for our day of prayer and fasting is 1John 5:14-15. During the fast please pray for the following:

1) The work that God has already began in the lives of his people will continue to prosper ;
2) People of God will declare war on the spirit of distraction, fear, and all the assignments of the
3) The spirit of reconciliation – the people of God will embrace their calling as ministers of

Then on Tuesday evening we will have Corporate prayer in the church starting at 7pm.

If this be protest, it’s something new in Chicago, though not in the Church.

It’s in an e-blast for “Friends of St. Sabina.”

Priest out at night

This fellow is now at an Arlington Hts (IL) parish but spent his first 17 years as a priest on the Spanish-speaking Southwest Side:

“What I learned at Epiphany and St. Mark’s is, you meet people in the streets. I did my most effective ministry at 11:30 at night talking with gang bangers, or in Mt. Sinai Hospital’s ER — not on Sunday morning. The people who come to Mass on Sunday, to a certain extent, are going to be OK. They’re staying close to the fold. They need to be nourished and challenged, of course.

“‘Mission’ is meeting people where they’re at and presenting Jesus in a way they can understand. Creating an atmosphere where people feel safe enough to be honest with themselves and God. Let’s just get to know the Lord in the best way – in the sacraments.”

He has an older priest as mentor (“ spiritual director”), which would be very important.

The Seeker: Chicago Catholic parish warns against Facebook

Thompson Submachine Gun, Model of 1928A1
Bad guy caught lunch

Chi Trib’s Brachear makes amusing cause celebre of a pastoral warning. Tut.

Personal recollection, St. Catherine of Siena Church, early 1940s: Fr. G. from pulpit on Sunday warning vs. Dick Tracy — for depiction of violence, as of Tracy x-ing out side of shed with tommy-gun bullets, knowing bad guy was hiding inside. Counter-cultural advice then, counter-cultural now. In 60s counter-cultural was good, but now?

Peace, peace, there is no peace . . .

Peace Protesters
Do it and you're d---ed

Nutty, nutty, nutty.

“I feel the Navy has become a technological monster,” said [84-yr-old Anne] Montgomery, a Catholic nun from Redwood City, California, whose father was a Navy admiral. “With my life, I will do what I can to show that nuclear weapons are wrong.”

Go, girl, I guess. Or: get thee to thy nunnery.