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TruTV launches LATE NIGHT SNACK featuring Lost Moon Radio

Free advertising here, all about the moon-landing problem you PROBABLY haven’t heard or even thought about. (Compliments of Blithe Spirit)

TruTV launches LATE NIGHT SNACK featuring Lost Moon Radio

Big news! (If you are a Lost Moon fan and enjoy the medium of television.) TruTV has just announced the debut of a new half-hour series, Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack, presenting “a carousel of premium comedy segments curated by and premiering on TruTV.”

These segments include limo-based relationship advice from Alec Baldwin, a long-awaited star vehicle for Benjamin the Cat, and “Passive Aggressive History,” a painstakingly researched* series of docudramas chronicling every eye roll, backhanded compliment, and clench-toothed smile behind the iconic events that shaped our world — written by and starring the cast of Lost Moon Radio.

That’s us, you guys! We’re going to be on this show! On television! Adjacent to but not actually interacting with Alec Baldwin!

Honestly, we’re as surprised as you are. More details, teaser images, etc. coming soon. Late Night Snack premieres Thursday, March 3rd, at 11 p.m Eastern/Pacific, right after Those Who Can’t. So set your VCR’s and mark your paper calendars or whatever.

*By “painstakingly researched,” we mean 100% made-up.

Date: 18 Feb

Source: http://lostmoonradio.com/trutv-launches-late-night-snack-featuring-lost-moon-radio/
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Political Diary: Christie Meets the Real Springsteen

The golden Dorothy Rabinowitz considers a lesson maybe learned by Gov. Christie in real politics, via his onetime fan, Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Springsteen is as the world knows the object of much slobbering devotion among his fans, including, to put it mildly, the governor—Mr. Christie was moved to tears when Mr. Springsteen embraced him after Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps it was the tension of the emergency—one would prefer to think so.


Mr. Springsteen, a man marinated in the oils of left-liberal passion for as long as anyone can remember, delivered—along with the show’s host—a bellowing indictment, titled “Governor Christie Traffic Jam,” sung to the tune of a few of his more famous works. It was a crude job of an assault, nothing surprising.

Ah Christie, Bruce might have sung, we hardly knew ye . . .

Little as this moment may be, it should serve as a reminder to Mr. Christie that there is in life—especially the life of a political leader—no such thing as happy relations with everybody on every side, including those who want you and all your kind dead—politically and sometimes literally. So it ends up that the governor needn’t give up on that ardor for Mr. Springsteen. The singer did after all, if inadvertently, deliver a message that should be of considerable value to Mr. Christie as he begins his adventure in national politics.

Yes. Hope and change can be on their way.

Conservatives oppose Harry Reid just because he’s white

Conservatives oppose Harry Reid just because he’s white.

Finally someone with the guts to say it.

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