Fast stepping by Jesuit institution

Fast stepping by Jesuit institution

This is a very tangled web being spun at Georgetown, where HHS Secy. Sebelius, of mandate fame, has been invited to give a commencement talk . . .  no, a talk at a commencement time event . . .  no, a talk at a “tropaia” gathering, where trophies are given . . . no . . .  oh, forget it.

Georgetown is coming up with new versions of this speaking appearance of the Catholic who would make Catholic universities and hospitals offer contraceptive and morning-after abortifacient pills insurance.  It’s one accommodation after another.  That place is acting, dare we suggest it, you might say . . . jesuitical.


Notre Dame Holy Cross priest defends a brother

Rev. Wilson Miscamble CSC speaks up for Bishop Daniel Jenky CSC of Peoria in re Jenky’s vigorous, pointed analysis of Obama’s attacks on Catholic ministry:

His homily was a courageous homily which pointed to a pattern of behavior of a number of regimes to limit religious freedom and to attack religious institutions.

He was echoing rebuttal by ND law prof emeritus Charles E. Rice of letter by 49 Notre Dame faculty members who condemned Jenky’s sermon and called for his resignation from the Notre Dame board.

Bishop Jenky properly drew attention to the impending dangers to religious and personal freedom. The Obama regime . . . is substituting for the free economy and limited government a centralized command system of potentially unlimited jurisdiction and power. . . . The HHS Health Care Mandate imperils not only the mission of the Catholic Church but also the right of conscience itself.

Episcopal perps?

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...
Who will rid me of these troublesome bishops? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Notre Dame alum blogging at The Weekly Standard says a stand-off between Obama and the Catholic bishops on the HHS mandate “may not be good for either side.”

He gives an instance, “the disastrous situation of the president sending bishops to jail for being faithful witnesses to their religious convictions.”

I’d say he’s on to something.

Later, from an informed source, an alternate scenario:

The bishops and obama go head to head — the bishops blowing steam — and Catholics (some) getting all revved up for months. Then, just before the election — a week — Obama caves on HHS and  Catholics are relieved to relax and get off their soap boxes.

They watch the bishops on TV kiss and make up profusely to Obama — photo op all’round, conciliatory quotes from Obama, and it’s practically an endorsement just before casting their ballots. You know nothing would make many of these bishops happier…to be assured they’d get the rest of Obamacare initiated.

As the poor lad legendarily told Shoeless Joe, say it ain’t so.

Birth Control, Bishops and Religious Authority

From “Roma locuta est, causa finita est”  (Rome has spoken , that settles it” to “Populus . . . ” (The people have spoken . . . ), opines a Notre Dame philosophy prof in NY Times.  via Birth Control, Bishops and Religious Authority –

Or as the Cardinal Newman Society writer has it, Jesus told Peter, “upon this poll I will build my Church.”

And that man in the White House has decided to take this poll.

I do not recall his being asked, however.

Dionne’s case for going along with HHS

Straw man sighted, sank same.  E.J. Dionne makes an argument.  handily ignoring cavalier treatment offered bishops’ envoys seeking to negotiate HHS issues, per Obama’s advice.  RealClearPolitics – Catholicism Is Not the Tea Party at Prayer.

In which they were told take it or leave it.  And what indeed about the self-insuring among Catholic institutions?  And what of their being expected to go along with the wink-and-nod effect of having their insurers cover the cost of coverage?  

It’s OK with Dionne if gummint makes them do it (such a problem in itself), he being convinced they will swallow the cost and not add it to what they charge their customers.

Cardinal George has a knack for over-top pronouncement, but that is no reason for Dionne to ignore problems that remain after the presidential “adjustment.”

Chi noosepapers ignore bishops’ complaints?

. . . With Both Hands: News Black Out in Chicago – Catholic Bishops Make Huge Statement on Obama Choice Mandate and No Coverage.

They aren’t the only ones ignoring the bishops.  Our Oak Park parish has had nothing on the point, nor have parishes I have heard from in Pittsburgh, Joliet (IL), and Brookfield (IL).  Nor has anything happened in parishes attended by dozens of my relatives around the country who did not respond to my e-blasted question.

In which vein, let’s hear it for St. John Vianney, in Northlake (IL), where the Tridentine-mass celebrant delivered a very good sermon on the mandate, he who almost never goes political or even currents-events in his excellent homilies.  Anybody else out there who should be commended?