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“Geriatric Hippie Nuns” vs. GK Chesterton

This fellow uses GK Chesterton to refute the social-gospelling nuns of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Chesterton “would have been more than happy to befriend the wetlands had he known they needed befriending; [and] he would have endorsed reasonable measures to promote clean and sustainable energy,” he writes.

What the Curmudgeon of Catholicism would have vehemently denounced, however, is the LCWR’s conflation of sin and sociology such that the gospel becomes essentially a clarion call to social action, and sin is redefined to encompass only those perceived injustices committed by the collectives in power. This is not the gospel Chesterton embraced, nor is it the gospel Christ entrusted to his apostles.

Well said, that.


Dissent, glorious dissent has its limits?

Vatican just doing its job in re: U.S. nuns under fire, says St. Louis columnist:

Both the Vaticans proposed reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and its rebuke of a controversial book written by the theologian Sister Margaret Farley are targeted critiques intended to fulfill one of the Catholic hierarchys most vital functions: defense of the deposit of faith. That defense necessarily entails public clarification about what does and does not constitute authentic Catholic teaching.

Question is whether bishops should ignore what violates teaching. Name me the organization that lets important stuff pass, and you name one in decline.

Dissent can never get out of hand? Yes?  No? As Cardinal George told a breakfast audience at the Union League Club weeks ago in connection with the HHS mandate, it’s a matter of one’s identity. He called the mandate identity theft. Sounds right.

Sisters for Justice . . .

. . . in the matter of them vs. Vatican:

Alma, Mich., Jun 14, 2012 / 02:15 am (CNA).- Physicians who are also Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma are criticizing the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and its defenders for using an impoverished language of politics instead of the language of faith in the dialogue with the Catholic hierarchy.

There is no basis for authentic dialogue between these two languages. The language of faith is rooted in Jesus Christ, His life and His mission, as well as the magisterial teaching of the Church, said the physician-sisters statement, which was issued after a June 2 meeting on the contributions of religious women in the healing ministry of the Catholic Church.

The language of politics arises from the social marketplace, they said. The Sisters who use political language in their responses to the magisterial Church reflect the poverty of their education and formation in the faith.

Can they say that? What would Carol Marin say?


Meanwhile, from a knowledgeable source regarding this group of Mercies:

The three founding mothers are incredible ladies. They “re-founded” the Sisters of Mercy going back to their foundress’ spirit. Most of them are professional women: doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists and they have been a great help to the Church, even if they are a small group.
The sort of thing that restores faith . . .
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