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Angela Bowman and friends with Cajun music at Hideout Dec. 29

Chicago’s Andrew Sa closes the evening off at 10, right after Hey Chere! at 9.

Hey, Chere!

Hey, Chere!

It’s the happiest sad music around! Inspired by the plaintive, wild sound of Dennis McGee and other Cajun greats, Hey, Chere! plays early traditional Cajun music, a close cousin to high-lonesome old-time and early country. Angela Bowman, featured on fiddle and voice, has taken this short step from country to Cajun, joined by Sean Colledge (Le Travaillant) on accordion and fiddle and John Huber (The Wandering Boys, the Lantern Kickers) on guitar and t’fer.

Evening begins at 8 with Steve Hinds and John Huber on fiddle and guitar. Fun!

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