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Down with Jenky!

At Notre Dame!


Birth Control, Bishops and Religious Authority

From “Roma locuta est, causa finita est”  (Rome has spoken , that settles it” to “Populus . . . ” (The people have spoken . . . ), opines a Notre Dame philosophy prof in NY Times.  via Birth Control, Bishops and Religious Authority – NYTimes.com.

Or as the Cardinal Newman Society writer has it, Jesus told Peter, “upon this poll I will build my Church.”

And that man in the White House has decided to take this poll.

I do not recall his being asked, however.

What, no peerless leader?

Dr. Robert Gates

Will pass on his charisma

This should be a humdinger, SecDef Gates to the Notre Dame grads. (Kidding. I love bureaucrats, just hate to listen to them.)

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