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Calling it for freedom

The (religious) freedom argument can hardly be put better than this:

Regardless of whether you believe life begins at conception or upon birth; whether contraception and abortion are women’s health issues or go against the will of God; or whether health care is a right every person should have, you must recognize that forcing some to pay for something they find repugnant is unethical and creates unnecessary social conflict. [bingo]

From a self-proclaimed pro-choicer saying choice is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways.


Wind shifts in abortion camp

Pro-choicer Frances Kissling urges retrenchment for tactical reasons.

Writing Feb. 20 in the opinion section of The Washington Post, Kissling said abortion rights advocates can no longer pretend the fetus is invisible. … We must end the fiction that an abortion at 26 weeks is no different from one at six weeks. … We need to firmly and clearly reject post-viability abortions except in extreme cases.

More more more at NCReporter.

There’s a long history of such message-changing. Birth control advocates once urged eugenics reasons, switched to women’s rights.

Fighting Irish give up

University of Notre Dame Campus

Makes you pro-choice?

From the Sycamore Trust, “an alarming recent study”:

[M]any students become pro-choice at Notre Dame. By the time they graduate, there are as many pro-choice students (42%) as in the general population. Among the reasons may be mixed signals from the faculty.

Though the University declared itself pro-life in the wake of the Obama episode, there is reason to think that a large proportion of the faculty is pro-choice, and prominent members of the Theology faculty have been outspoken in their dissent from Church teaching on abortion.

Indeed, the nation’s leading “Catholic” pro-choice advocate has welcomed the recent public dissent from Church teaching by one of Notre Dame’s most widely known ethicists.

Give Notre Dame a pro-lifer, get back a pro-choicer. Read about it here.

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