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Richard Roeper’s “2016: Obama’s America”

Crtiquing “2016: Obama’s America” Richard Roeper makes no mention of or reference to Frank Marshall, young Barack’s communist mentor, chosen for him by his communist-sympathetic grandfather, a drinking buddy of Marshall, according to the movie.

Nor of Barack’s general red-diaper-baby upbringing, his mother being thoroughly devoted to leftist causes, including anti-American anti-colonialism.

Indeed, according to the film, his mother sent him away as a boy to Hawaii to be raised by her thoroughly leftist parents, to make him free of the influence of her then-husband, the Indonesian Soetoro, who was working for American oil companies and rejected the anti-Western mindset.

Roeper missed all this, focusing on production amateurisms and failing to dispute them if he disagreed.  He really missed the film’s main points, to judge from his review.

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