Scott Walker to school boards

Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin
This state leads the way

Look, said Gov., it’s gonna work out for you:

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker explained how the savings gained through the collective bargaining changes recently passed by the legislature will more than offset cuts in state aids to most school districts.

That formula is altered, however, if school districts rush to implement new labor agreements before Act 10 goes into effect on March 26th.

You have a money problem in yr district, don’t give in to unions’ rush to money for themselves.

It’s only money, so???

Sample ballot
Not the whole story here?

Oak Park’s elementary school district understates on the April 5 referendum ballot how much its passage would cost taxpayers, leaving out state equalizer info that ups the ante.

We didn’t have to put it in, say the district’s lawyers.

The law firm that helped draft District 97’s ballot question . . . said it followed state law that dictates how such ballot measures should be written. The law, the firm says, does not specify using the equalizer.

So referendum ballots throughout Illinois routinely do not tell voters the whole story?

Note: Campaign information has been accurate in this case; only the ballot is in question.

On the other hand, what the hell difference does it make?  How many people read the fine print on a referendum ballot anyway?  Tsk.