Mainstreamers endorse Scott Walker — in their peculiar manner

Wall St. Journal’s James Taranto, reporting on Scott Walker’s very good early polls-showing, is properly cautious about his prospects, but adds this:

On the other hand, some conservatives and Republicans interpret the liberal media’s recent hazing of Walker as a sign that he is the candidate they fear. Lending support to this hypothesis is John Cassidy of the New Yorker, who weighed in yesterday with an essay titled “The Dangerous Candidacy of Scott Walker.”

Yes, yes, yes. Those bozos smell a threat and jump to it. Not incompetent but meaner than junk-yard dogs. That’s what a palace guard is for. (H/T Instapundit for useful term for media lemmings)

(As for Taranto and his Best of the Web, a longtime Internet denizen, the link is a tease of sorts if you are not a WSJ subscriber, but you can sign up for a good chunk of his columns by way of email.)

Burke now says she was downsized by her family-owned Trek Bicycle Corp | Human Events

She be of the Trek bicycle family, allegedly fired, but she says caught in downsizing. Point here, however, is her malapropian way with words:

“Frankly, this is the sort of nonsense, six days before an election, baseless allegations that are deterring frankly from the issues that are really important here,” Burke said on the campaign trail in Green Bay, according to a story from the Wisconsin Radio Network.

Deterring? Girl, look it up, under usage. Detouring is what she wants? Who knows?

She’s running vs. Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Best the Dems could get. In a close race, can unfamiliarity with the language make the difference? Who knows?

(For malaprop see here.)

Wis. judge more than a union mother — she’s a Dem donor’s wife

The Republican Party encourages every form of ...
Dems might try this

Egad, what’s next? The anti-governor Wis. judge’s son is a union-activity organizer, now her husband comes out a campaign donor to three of the AWOL Dems and to Gov. Walker’s opponent in the Repub tsunami election of ’10! This lady is a study in interest conflict. Textbook material.

Scott Walker to school boards

Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin
This state leads the way

Look, said Gov., it’s gonna work out for you:

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker explained how the savings gained through the collective bargaining changes recently passed by the legislature will more than offset cuts in state aids to most school districts.

That formula is altered, however, if school districts rush to implement new labor agreements before Act 10 goes into effect on March 26th.

You have a money problem in yr district, don’t give in to unions’ rush to money for themselves.

How about Wintergreen for president?

President William H. Taft at Grand Army of the...
Wm. Howard Taft was once our man.

Repubs in ’12: who’s lookin’ good?

Republican leaders: Give this party a break. Encourage a Scott Walker candidacy.spur a Chris Christie draftgoose up the Tim Pawlenty driveencourage a drive for Ohios Gov. John Kasich, who when he was House Budget chief under a GOP congress forced Clinton to sign welfare reformand who when Kasich left the House had paved the way for a$190 billion budget surplus.

In short:

We must widen the purview. A twittering ex-governor who gave up her posta Baptist minister pursing up his lips like Cheetah as a coaxes cornball music out of a gee-tara jowly Mississippi governor with a mouthful of hominy grits that sounds like youre in a heap-a-trouble, boy! next to a Sidney Poitier-llke drawing room creation made possible by a compliant press. A forlorn governor with a returned runaway bride.

Hey, when you put it that way . . .

[As for Wintergreen, look here.]

Light comes to the archbishop

Map of USA with Wisconsin highlighted
Looking for Wisconsin?

On the one hand this, on the other hand that, and why can’t we all just get along?

It is especially in times of crisis that new forms of cooperation and open communication become essential. We request that lawmakers carefully consider the implications of this proposal and evaluate it in terms of its impact on the common good. We also appeal to everyone lawmakers, citizens, workers, and labor unions to move beyond divisive words and actions and work together, so that Wisconsin can recover in a humane way from the current fiscal crisis.

It’s the archbishop of Milwaukee in a valiant attempt to find guidance in encyclicals.

On Wisconsin: Wall St. Jnl vs. Chi Trib

Wisconsin State Capitol 5
Wis. capitol buzzing

Wall St. Journal tells percentage of Wisconsin public employees unionists’ compensation that would go for pensions, vs. “little or nothing” at this point:

Gov. [Scott] Walker first introduced his “budget repair” bill a week ago, setting off the firestorm that has swept the Capitol. Besides limiting collective-bargaining rights for most workersexcepting police, firefighters and others involved in public safetyit would require government workers, who currently contribute little or nothing to their pensions, to contribute 5.8% of their pay to pensions, and pay at least 12.6% of health-care premiums, up from an average of 6%.

Chi Trib does not run the 5.8% of pay to pensions, instead:

Walker’s proposal would . . . require all [non-public
safety] state workers to pay half their pension costs and 12.6% of their healthcare coverage, shaving an estimated $330 million off a $3.6-billion deficit.

Half the cost vs. 5.8% of workers’ pay gives us quite a different number to mull over bkfst coffee.

Trib also cites “conservative analysts” as having “long contended that excessively powerful unions representing teachers, welfare workers and other state and local employees have boosted pay and pensions across the country, laying the groundwork for the nation’s fiscal crisis.”

Correct, but Wall St. Jnl slaps this graph on its page 2:

Source: Labor Dept., as noted, providing ample grist for those conservatives’ mill.