Pius X Catholics hold off for now on their return to Rome

The breakaway traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) would rather not return to full communion with Rome right now, but maybe later. �Meanwhile, some decks were cleared, as regrding who’s in charge:

The July 19 statement . . . �underlined the group’s dedication to Catholic Church, saying that “the supreme power of government over the universal Church belongs only to the Pope, Vicar of Christ on earth.”

They also reiterated their deep suspicion of Vatican II:

The SSPX proclaimed its determination to uphold the teachings of the Church, but said that these teachings must be interpreted in the light of the “uninterrupted Magisterium.” The statement drew the line at “all the novelties of the Second Vatican Council which remain tainted with errors.”

So if they come back to Rome, it will be with an agenda which will be mightily displeasing to progressives.

via Pius X Catholics hold off for now on their return to Rome.

Hold your horses on that Pius X Society no

It’s not as simple, apparently.  Also apparently, Pope B-16 has been close to this one, and some Vatican hard-liners, relatively speaking, have been removed from the picture.

Those who think that this is the endpoint, that those in charge of the Fraternity have definitively given up on the idea of putting an end to the injustices that burden them, and of fulling restoring the Tradition of the Church to Rome, risk being disappointed in the days and weeks ahead

via RORATE CÆLI: Op-Ed (English – français) The basis for the future relations of the SSPX with Rome La base des prochaines relations de la FSSPX avec Rome.

Very interesting.

Pius X Society to Vatican: No, thanks

Looks like Pius X Society declines:

(José Manuel Vidal).- There will be no return to Rome. The Superior of the Lefebvrians for Spain and Portugal, [Fr.] Juan María Montagut, will inform the faithful, after the 11 AM Mass, that the hierarchy of the SSPX, assembled in Écône, has decided to say \”no\” to the Vatican.The followers of [Abp.] Marcel Lefebvre do not return to the Roman fold. Mainly because they are not willing to accept the Second Vatican Council in all its farthermost points.

via RORATE CÆLI: For the record: With a grain of salt.

St. Pius X Catholics will return to a struggle

SSPX Mass in St. Jude's Church, Philadelphia.
SSPX Mass in St. Jude's Church, Philadelphia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The way things used to be.

Natl Catholic Register’s Pat Archbold welcomes the Society of St. Pius X people’s expected return from the wilderness of papal interdict, but sees no promise of a rose garden in that return:

Bringing the SSPX back into the fold is a great thing for the souls involved and I think that they will help be an example to others. But their integration will be very painful, very. So if this really happens as it appears it will, let us rejoice. But let us also be realistic. The gates of hell will never prevail, we have the Lord’s promise on that. But in the meantime, things may even get worse before they get better. But at least now we will have some really good people bearing it with us.

He refers to those returning, and they would rightly scoff at the wilderness motif. Rather, it’s a return to the big, bad world of what Archbold neatly terms 1965-2012 Catholicism. I have heard their priests (not all) rail against the contemporary church, more often in support of strict practice in faith and morals and liturgical practice.

They and their flock are not going gentle into that good night, as they see it, of this era. But they are third-generation pre-1965 Catholics, firm in all they espouse, and will more likely rage against the dying of the light, as they see it, of this era. Catholics will continue to live in interesting times.

More: At the same time, keep in mind that the SSPX leadership calls this “a stage and not a conclusion” of return.  Which they would, of course.