Trouble ahead for school teachers

Will technology do for schools (teachers) what it did for newspapers (news people)?

“In the final analysis, what technology requires is a substitution of technology for human labor. Computers will do a lot of what teachers do now.” Jumping forward in his chair, he lights up: “Technology is cheap. Labor is really expensive. Education has always been very labor intensive, so if our education system can substitute technology for labor and still provide kids with high quality education, then great!”

It does this everywhere.  I got a computer etc. in the ’80s because it was that or hire a typist because I needed clean copy for clients and editors.  (My newspaper had closed down, I no longer had a copy desk to clean things up, etc.)  Was huge initial outlay I couldn’t afford.  But necessary.

My newspaper, an evening sheet, was done in partly (largely?) by TV, in the ’70s.  What’s to come, therefore, for teachers, many of whom will be priced out of the market, like bicycle-factory workers when that boom went bust early in the 20th century?