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He say, I say, the question is the question

Sat. 8/8/15, 7:30 a.m., Clark and Bryn Mawr, NE corner. 

Man on bicycle sees me, I nod hello, he stops on sidewalk. He is bald of dark brown (bullet) head, soft of tone. Says something.

 I say, “What?”

 He say, in soft, unaccented tone, “Can I ask you a question?”

 I say “No.”

He pulls away on sidewalk, heading east on Bryn Mawr, N side of street.

Sat. 8/8/15, 7:30, Clark and Bryn M., NE corner.

Commentary on this event:

 1. He had already made bold to ask me a question, so asking, “Can I ask?” was superfluous and on its face suspicious.

 2. I try not to answer questions, period, at Clark and Bryn Mawr at 7:30 in the morning, if I can help it.

 3. I did not feel like giving him some money for carfare.

 4. I did not recognize him as a long lost friend.

 5. I do not know where to get a nice hairpiece at this hour.

 6. He talked too softly for my taste. I like to hear it when people ask me questions, with or without my permission.

 7. It was too nice a morning for questions.

 8. I had enough unanswered questions of my own, without adding any.

 9. I had a book to read, which is why this is my final word on the subject.

The book is Wyndham Lewis, A Soldier of Humor and Selected Writings, edited with introduction by Raymond Rosenthal (Signet Classic, 1966), which I got cheap from ABEbooks.com and which I recommend.

W. Lewis, Soldie of Humor cover

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