Notre Dame priest loves unions

United Auto Workers
Greed is good!

Fr. McBrien of Notre Dame gives full-cry support for unions (and their demands) in this day of fiscal danger, wondering where the bishops are to give support to SEIU et al.

Not a word about Detroit and what the UAW did to that fair city.

Notre Dame Faulted in Football-Related Death

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo
Nasty dealing

Is Notre Dame rotting?

“The evidence [in a 500-page Indiana Dept of Labor
report, four months in the making] overwhelmingly demonstrated that the university made a decision to utilize its scissor lifts in known adverse weather conditions,” said Lori Torres, a state Department of Labor commissioner, describing the “knowing citation” issued against Notre Dame as “the most serious safety violation.”


In a statement, Notre Dame President John I. Jenkins reiterated his concession of last November that “we failed to keep [Declan Sullivan] safe, and for that we remain profoundly sorry.”

Add the weak-to-non-investigation of the sexual-assault-by-footballer complaint by the St. Mary’s girl, begun only after she committed suicide, and you have another reason why it’s hard to root for the Fighting Irish these days.

Chi Trib has this Dept. of Labor story in great detail, yesterday and today, where this:

INDIANAPOLIS Despite insisting the weather was uneventful even beautiful the day Declan Sullivan toppled to his death last fall while filming football practice, members of the University of Notre Dame athletic department worried about the safety of another student videographer and initially kept her from going up in a lift because of stiff winds, newly released records show.

Point is, people get hired on what basis and with what vetting, and they hire people on what basis etc. Top-down, we have Fr. Jenkins being hired and hiring, etc. All of it contributes. You fudge this issue, you fudge that one, and next thing you know, the enterprise begins to lose lustre.

Fighting Irish sexual assault #2

Would you want your daughter to enter a Notre Dame dorm?

Trust a Domer when under influence?

Trust one when not under influence?

Knotty qq raised by this Chi Trib story about Case #2 of the Missing or Delayed Investigation.

Another St. Mary’s girl learning about the New Notre Dame the hard way.


Jenkins of Notre Dame (president)

Fighting Irish give up

University of Notre Dame Campus
Makes you pro-choice?

From the Sycamore Trust, “an alarming recent study”:

[M]any students become pro-choice at Notre Dame. By the time they graduate, there are as many pro-choice students (42%) as in the general population. Among the reasons may be mixed signals from the faculty.

Though the University declared itself pro-life in the wake of the Obama episode, there is reason to think that a large proportion of the faculty is pro-choice, and prominent members of the Theology faculty have been outspoken in their dissent from Church teaching on abortion.

Indeed, the nation’s leading “Catholic” pro-choice advocate has welcomed the recent public dissent from Church teaching by one of Notre Dame’s most widely known ethicists.

Give Notre Dame a pro-lifer, get back a pro-choicer. Read about it here.

Notre Dame’s selective prosecution

President Barack Obama bows his head during th...
Bowing the head at Notre Dame

Dennis Byrne hits on the prosecution of 88 protesters, in a column about Notre Dame’s abdication of responsibility for the attempted rape of a St. Mary’s woman:

While leaving to its own police force to investigate the sexual assault charges it quickly handed over to the local prosecutor the case of 88 people who were arrested by school police for peacefully demonstrating on campus the selection of anti-life president Barack Obama as an honored commencement speaker. The schools determination to punish the demonstrators can only be described as spiteful and obsessive.

The Notre Dame 88, which included a nun and an elderly priest, face penalties of up to a year in prison and fines of $5,000. The Chicago-based Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm, is defending the protestors without charge. The university technically can claim that calling off the prosecution is out of their hands, but at the same time, it has not used its so-called prestige to seek Christian charity for the protestors.

“What in hell is going on?” Byrne asks. So do I.

Leave the assault to us, they say, following up on it not a whit. But those protesters must pay. Why not the other way around?