That anti-governor Wis. judge? She’s a union mother!

ABAMarch-SEIU marches across Chicago River
Her son arranges this sort of thing.

Surely, this judge was not about to embarrass or thwart her son:

Maryann Sumi has a clear conflict of interest. Her son is a political operative who also happens to be a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council. Both the SEIU and the AFL-CIO have members who are public-sector employees in Wisconsin. In fact, as a federation, the AFL-CIO can boast of several member-unions that represent public-sector employees. Maryann Sumi is hardly an unbiased judge in the matter.

Jacob Jake Sinderbrand, Sumi’s son [see page nine here], runs a company called Left Field Strategies, a firm that works on political campaigns.

Just when you think things are as bad as they will get, they get worse.

Don’t publish that law, she said

Age pyramid for Dane County, Wisconsin, United...
A college-town county, fat with early 20s

This judge exceeded her authority, says Wisc. AG. Her decision is not appealing, and he will appeal.

The Legislature and the Governor, not a single Dane County Circuit Court Judge, are responsible for the enactment of laws, said [J.B.] Van Hollen. Decisions of the Supreme Court have made it clear that judges may not enjoin the Secretary of State from publishing an Act.

Will the orange-shirts besiege the appeals court?

Madison bloggers threatened by union-supporters

Ann Althouse, 2008-06-01.
The brave lady in question

Oh to be in Madison, now the lefties are in heat.

We are at every coffee shop on State, open to close, all the time. We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you like to go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day. We will harass the ever-loving sh*t out of you all the time. Campus is OCCUPIED. State Street is OCCUPIED. The Square is OCCUPIED. Vilas, Schenks Corners, Atwood, WillyStreet Occupied, Occupied, Occupied, Occupied.

This is their warning to U. of Wis.-Madison law prof Ann Althouse, who with her husband Meade covered the recent teachers’ and other unions’ doings in detail as they happened.

The screed goes on to say that Althouse must be silent from now on and make a variety of payoffs to various left-wing causes. Otherwise, she and her husband must leave the state … though they werent quite so polite.

“So this is what democracy looks like?” asks

No. Those orange shirts they were wearing should have been brown.

It’s mostly about unions at Chi Trib . . .

. . . . not so much about saving Wisconsin [& Indiana &
Ohio] fiscally
. (Heads are not the story, but they proclaim it, do they not?)

  • Wisconsin protesters band together day and night

    Wisconsin protesters band together day and night

    February 26, 2011 …socks, clutching a toothbrush. Protesters of a proposal that would defang public…dozens, scores and even hundreds of protesters have bunked overnight in the 94-year…that has lured hundreds of thousands of protesters. Unlike some causes, such as wars…

    By Dan Hinkel

  • Wisconsin Assembly heads toward vote on collective-bargaining measure; state Senate Democrats continue to stall in absentia

    Wisconsin Assembly heads toward vote on collective-bargaining measure; state Senate Democrats continue to stall in absentia

    February 24, 2011 …legislators will return. The crowd of union protesters in the Capitol building appeared somewhat smaller…committee. Hinkel, a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune …

    By Dan Hinkel and Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times

  • Union fight extends to Indiana

    Union fight extends to Indiana

    February 24, 2011 …Unions have flooded state capitals to oppose the legislation. On Wednesday, the Capitol in Indianapolis was swarming with protesters, who chanted, sang, ate pizza donated by well-wishers, and hoisted signs that proclaimed, “Stop corporate greed…

    By Abby Sewell and Dan Hinkel

  • Union battles in 3 states escalate

    February 22, 2011 …Ohio, an estimated 5,500 protesters stood elbow to elbow in and…as drums and chants from protesters outside echoed through the…winter cold. Among the protesters was Jeri Hendricks, 56… Hinkel reported from Madison and…

    By Dan Hinkel and Richard Simon, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times

  • Wisconsin in near-chaos over anti-union bill

    Wisconsin in near-chaos over anti-union bill

    February 18, 2011 …stick to his guns. “The protesters have every right to be heard…passed out bratwurst. Protesters carried signs, including…Democrats still in hiding, protesters saying they would stay the… Hinkel reported from Madison, Wis…

    By Dan Hinkel and Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times

  • Wisconsin budget battle rallies continue

    Wisconsin budget battle rallies continue

    February 19, 2011 …Capitol rotunda echoed with drums and chants while pro-labor protesters outside chanted ?Kill the bill.? The tea party-led activists…Andrew Breitbart, as he took the stage before the pro-Walker protesters. ?It?s the battle of our times.? dhinkel@tribune…

    By Dan Hinkel, Tribune reporter

  • Opposing crowds surround Wisconsin's Capitol in union rights standoff

    Opposing crowds surround Wisconsin’s Capitol in union rights standoff

    February 19, 2011 …crowd of supporters of Walker’s state budget measure. The Capitol rotunda echoed with drums and voices while pro-labor protesters outside chanted, “Kill the bill.” “Tea party” -led activists responded with chants of their own: “Do your job…

    By Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune

Not jet-assisted, this takeoff

Early jet plane landing on HMS Illustrious in ...
Wild blue yonder ahead . . .

I like these people and what they are aiming at, but even if you don’t, you have to admit they are self-propelled:

Thank you to the hundreds of Tea Party Patriots from Chicago and across the state of Illinois who traveled to Madison on Saturday to defend the taxpayers and parents of Wisconsin. We organized car pools, drove our friends and neighbors and paid our own way to get to the rally. We weren’t bused in by Organizing for America, SEIU, or the Democrat National Committee. This is a critical battle in the fight between freedom and big government and it will be repeated in state after state across the country,

they said in an email to supporters. No OFA or DNC support, take note of that. And I hardly think the RNC is in on it either. The latter is largely looking over its shoulder at these people, or running to keep up, which is how it’s supposed to be.

Doctor says — so what?

Waiting At The Medical School
Nice day it was in Wauwatosa

These docs teach at U of WI Med Schl? Egad!

Its sad, but what puzzles me [Publius at Big Govt dot
com] most is how in the world three of the four physicians I can identify from these videos and other media reports are faculty members of UWs Family Medicine department, and one is a senior resident in that same department. Its a good training program, committed to providing sorely-needed primary care doctors to the state of Wisconsin. It teaches professionalism, and its faculty are supposed to model integrity. What were they thinking?

Theyve managed to belittle a public trust between physicians, employers and patients. A doctors sick note is a serious document. It represents an employers desire to verify through a respected, independent, medically qualified third party the fact of an illness and the true need for convalescence. In the videos now circulating online, we witness multiple members of a noted family medicine department trash one of the well-recognized rights and privileges of their profession, with little forethought as to the consequences.

They dumb doctors’ notes down. Who will ever believe them? (It’s like what has happened to leftism-infected [sick?] media, a squandering of credibility.)

Weather report?

Senate Chamber, Minnesota State Capitol
Wis. senators meet here

WI-Dem Sen Erpenbach, envisioning or threatening heavy day of protesting if Repubs go ahead with “key” non-spending legislation without Dems, who apparently are not needed for non-spending legislation:

I think tomorrow could . . . be a long, tough day in Madison.

Long and tough not for Sen. E., we presume, unless he’s willing to evacuate IL.

The Madison experiment

Thomas Riley MArshall
Ind. gov. couldn't resist the quip.

It’s coming (come) to this:

[Of] 98 comments [on coverage of the Madison WI protests by unionized
teachers et al.]:

Fen said… I now support Union Busting. Thanks for the push.

Fire them all.

2/18/11 2:51 PM

What this country needs, besides a good five-cent cigar, is a political push to declassify the privileged class of unionized government workers.