Mark Brown of Sun-Times tells a good story but feels obliged to explain . . .

. . . supplying this closer to a very good column:

“Why did I bother to tell you so much about the early years of two criminals from long ago?

Because for all the advancements in education and corrections, we’re still handling troubled youth pretty much like we did when [the two criminals] were coming up — and getting the same results.

And for some folks, maybe that’s easier to see when the criminals in question are white.” 

“Troubled” indeed. One of them helped hang a school principal out of a window, which troubled the principal no end, I’m sure.

Something else: The hard-copy head speaks of “reform school,” and “reformatory” is in the copy, both quite accurate, because so we spoke and speak.

But also politically correct when you get down to it, as is “corrections” for the department of jailing people, in most cases to protect other people from their antisocial behavior.

Not all, however. The reform school in question, Montefiore, had at least one distinguished alumnus who shaped up rather well, Chicago Daily News etc. columnist the late Mike Royko.

Special counsel Robert Mueller was born and bred to torment Donald Trump.

​If you hope (and think) Trump will get a fair shake from special prosecutor Robert Mueller, you might hope harder and think again when you read a leftist writer making this claim:​

​[T]​here’s one more thing about Mueller that’s going to make it impossible for Trump to show him any respect: The former FBI director is practically blood brothers with James Comey.


Laer:   Same article, writer adds:

Odds are good, in fact, that Trump will use Mueller’s closeness with Comey to accuse him of bias and question the legitimacy of his inquiry.

Really. Now why would anyone do that?

As I say, it’s fun to eavesdrop on someone’s echo chamber.

Jihadists rock to jihadist poetry

The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad | Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad

The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad

Clifford D. May
10th June 2015 –The Washington Times

You probably didn’t know it but Osama bin Laden was a poet. In fact, according to Yale’s Robyn Creswell and Princeton’s Bernard Haykel, “of all jihadi poets, bin Laden was the most celebrated, and he prided himself on his knowledge of the art.”

They add (in the June 8 edition ofThe New Yorker): “A large part of bin Laden’s charisma as a leader was his mastery of classical eloquence.” Here, for example, he elegizes the mass-murderers of 9/11/01: “Embracing death, the knights of glory found their rest. / They gripped the towers with hands of rage and ripped through them like a torrent.”

Professors Creswell and Haykel further report that a wide range of Islamist groups are now producing “a huge amount of verse.” This art is an expression of the “the culture of jihad” which, they say, we should regard as a “culture of romance. It promises adventure and asserts that the codes of medieval heroism and chivalry are still relevant.”

– See more at:

This provides a vision,

Which leads us Christians and Jews to poeticize our tradition?

Which calls for an impassioned embrace of our doctrines.

Our Scripture is full of the poetic, the vision, the sheer otherworldiness. So much of it in undiluted form is nonsense to the man and woman, but especially the man, of today. We should do what we can, in schools, for instance, to encourage embrace of the poetic — a reasonable embrace of it. There I go, two sides of the issue.

The also-different individuals? What the heck are they?

In Chi Trib story about Republican money distribution, different strokes:

When Bruce Rauner’s campaign fund injected $750,000 to the Illinois Republican Party this month, it was another illustration of how the GOP governor candidate has become more than just a big name on the fall ballot.

The wealthy equity investor from Winnetka is a financial lifeline for Republicans throughout the state. All told, Rauner, wife Diana and Citizens for Rauner have contributed more than $1.3 million to Republican organizations in Illinois since he launched his first bid for public office more than 16 months ago.

The money has gone to 100 different individuals and groups, including state legislative candidates, county and township organizations, and a few county officials.

Not 100 same individuals?

Key question: When is an individual not different? You hear and read it all the time, but how about eliminating the “different”? Let “individual” mean separate from others, that is, not the same, that is, different?

Einstein et al. on income taxation

From Liberty Tree, which sends three a day if you subscribe:

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

— Albert Einstein
(1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921

“If Congress sees fit to impose a capitation, or other direct tax, it must be laid in proportion to the census; if Congress determines to impose duties, imposts, and excises, they must be uniform throughout the United States. These are not strictly limitations of power. They are rules prescribing the mode in which it shall be exercised. … This review shows that personal property, contracts, occupations, and the like have never been regarded by Congress as proper subjects of direct tax.”
— Salmon P. Chase
(1808-1873) U.S. Senator from Ohio, 23rd Governor of Ohio, U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln, 6th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Source: As Chief Justice delivering the opinion of the Court in Veazie Bank v. Fenno, 76 U.S. 8 Wallace 533 (1869)

“The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, bows, spears, firearms, or other types of arms. The possession of these elements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues, and tends to permit uprising. Therefore, the heads of provinces, official agents, and deputies are ordered to collect all the weapons mentioned above and turn them over to the government.”
— Toyotomi Hideyoshi
(1536-1598) Japanese Chancellor of the Realm, preeminent daimyo, warrior, general and politician of the Sengoku period

Alphabet neurosis: Mary Mitchell has a letter for it

I can’t stand what Mary M. writes, so she’s my special M-word. Protestants too. Can’t stand ’em. They’re my P-word. Quite a few Catholics too; I’m working on words for them. Shakespeare, kick in the rear, happy new year; don’t like him. He’s my S-word. Anything to satisfy my neuroses.

T-word for Tribune, except on Sundays; once a week is enough. NYT-word, of course. Complicated? Yes, but it’s not easy being neurotic. Ask Monk on TV. Years ago I heard “big C” for cancer, a word best left unused at the time. We got over that. Now we even have a society named after it.

Back to M-word (as above), who wants blacks to stop using the N-word. M-word frets about B people using the N-word while indulging her bilious resentment of that W woman, the D-woman, you know the one I mean, who “copped” (M-word’s word) to using the N-word 20 years ago, giving heavy occasion for group neurosis to vent spleen, forcing many W people to upchuck on their good suits. M-word frets and resents and that’s her idea of a fun time. Yuck!

Sneed’s ms. as good as a smile

Michael Sneed, female columnist, tells NY archdiocese p.r. man to “check [his] facts” after he refers to her as Mister Sneed.

She had suggested NY Cardinal Dolan had simply copied the pope when he visited prisoners.

The p.r. man said it’s been standard practice for Card. Dolan.

“Check your facts,” said Ms. Sneed, attempting to make silk purse out of sow’s ear, that is, her jumping to a cute conclusion.

Richard Roeper’s “2016: Obama’s America”

Crtiquing “2016: Obama’s America” Richard Roeper makes no mention of or reference to Frank Marshall, young Barack’s communist mentor, chosen for him by his communist-sympathetic grandfather, a drinking buddy of Marshall, according to the movie.

Nor of Barack’s general red-diaper-baby upbringing, his mother being thoroughly devoted to leftist causes, including anti-American anti-colonialism.

Indeed, according to the film, his mother sent him away as a boy to Hawaii to be raised by her thoroughly leftist parents, to make him free of the influence of her then-husband, the Indonesian Soetoro, who was working for American oil companies and rejected the anti-Western mindset.

Roeper missed all this, focusing on production amateurisms and failing to dispute them if he disagreed.  He really missed the film’s main points, to judge from his review.

Emanuel attacks criminals? Sorry, no.

Had to read hard copy head for this Sun-Times story twice: “Emanuel leads attacks on criminals”  — SORRY — on Romney.
Same head,continued: “Dems concede excitement level lower than” — SORRY — unlike 2008.
It’s not lower.  It’s different.  Like level 2 for men’s shoes, level 3 for ladies’ undergarments.  It’s all in how you say things, not in whatever the hell you are saying.

And let us pass over in silence another Sun-Times hard-copy head, about what Obama plans for the convention this week: “MESSGAGE: LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE.”

It shows how hard it is to get good help these days.

Labor Day preacher, watch out!

Beware the Labor Day sermon with preacher reference to third rail of Chicago teachers union vs. city of same name and its impasse including strike threat, “I know it’s a complicated issue, but . . . “ 

Now stop right there, Father.  The word you want is not the coordinating conjunction “but,” meaning complicated or not, I’m going to talk about it, but the adverbial conjunction “so,” as in “. . . so I’m not going to say anything except love your neighbor, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who persecute and calumniate you . . .”