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Remarkable comment on two bishops, riots, and a tin ear . . .


I was going to title it “We have two disappointing bishops on our hands,” but then I noticed the Facebook meme for “Blackout Tuesday” and got distracted.

The two disappointing bishops are, pardon me I mean no disrespect but I must say it, Bishop Barron and our own good Cardinal Cupich. The excellent and hardworking Bishop Barron concludes at the end of a longish article, “Pentecost and the fires in our streets,” essentially that all the looting is owing to “400 years of racism,” which by the way is Antifa’s own trope. Yes, so that’s why Antifa would try to burn down a historic Episcopal church in Washington D.C., and that’s why my employer has had at least five stores of its retail chain in Chicago looted, and one essentially destroyed, even to the warehouse, the IT room and all the cash registers.

And our good Cardinal Cupich writes a…

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Liberal Democratic governors and mayors, mugged by reality in George Floyd fallout

In the middle of the John Kass piece:

The looters roll on into the suburbs. And suburban soccer moms, with their guilt and their “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in their front lawns, download police scanner apps and wonder where they can buy a gun.

Yes. On our suburbanly quiet N. Side street was a car parked yesterday with “Abolish the police” sign pasted on the door. And the no-hate signs are common. A shrug is all it takes to resume my stroll in relative contentment. These are voters, however.

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Column: White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror

No thanks, Dahleen. I am so eaten up with self-hate, you know. Can’t stand the sight.

While we’re at it, how are you with your white workmates? You must be a joy for them, though some may like wallowing.

But me? Count me out.

Later, alligator.

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Something gnomic this way comes . . .

Wrap your head around this . . .

Not for attribution

. . . from Aussie writer Lydia Davis’ early collection Break It Down (1986):

Though everyone wishes it would not happen, and thought it would be far better if it did not happen, it sometimes does happen that a second daughter is born and there are two sisters.

I love (a) the sentence structure, (b) the irony.

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Profane exchange: Lightfoot, chief City Council critic tussle over police tactics during looting

Does she know what she’s doing?

Chicago Newspapers

Ald. Ray Lopez said the mayor told him he was “full of s–t” when he demanded to know her plan to protect neighborhoods. His response? “I told her, ‘F–k you. You don’t know what’s going on.’”

Heated exchange:

By Sunday night, Lopez said neighborhoods were in chaos, and he believed his warnings about a “coordinated attempt to destabilize our city” had proved true.

On a second conference call between the mayor and aldermen, Lopez said several aldermen were “in tears” about the damage done to their communities.

“I asked her point-blank. I said, ‘I told you this was gonna happen in the morning. I warned you. What is our plan for the neighborhoods? How are we gonna stabilize the communities? We need a five-day plan. The assumption that this is all gonna go away because you’ve got a curfew is wrong. We need to stabilize the communities. I want an…

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Take emotion out of decision-making

Know thyself.

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Step One, about getting to know yourself, rings a bell.

Try asking your Maker, who knows all there is to know about you. He can open you up if you calm down enough to ask Him. A hundred years from now, you’ll be glad you did. Heck, with any luck, a few hours or minutes from now.

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How I meditate on a Sunday morning . . .

Good for the soul . . ..

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

I copy the Scripture to a word processing page, edit and comment on it as I read, boldfacing some parts or italicizing, bracket and boldface comments, pause now and then to collect my responses, put them down, read it all and re-read as I go, pausing to reflect when the spirit moves me, trusting it’s the Holy Spirit in this case.

To sum up: Copy passage. Read it. Comment in brackets along the way, boldfacing and/or italicizing where suitable. Concentrate. on it. Store aspects in memory for rest of day and waking night. Next day, repeat process.

Later, having stored this in your memory and gaining a hold on its key points, come back to them during the day and waking night and hold them close to you. Enlist strong feelings but do not force the process.

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