Amidst ‘summer from hell for Catholic Church,’ a renewed crisis of faith . . .

. . . and a familiar complaint:

“Everybody’s always lambasting the Catholic Church,” complained Elizabeth Rhodes, a former Fox News producer, as she had lunch with her daughter near the campus of Catholic University of America on Thursday.

“They don’t look at people in sports, the ones who are training kids in soccer. There are plenty of other religious communities, Jewish and others, where there’s sexual exploitation.

Any religion, any time, it’s a tragedy, but I hate this focus (on Catholics).”

I’m glad for it. How else get some change?

Also, focus on the church is a backhanded compliment, a recognition, intended or not, of what the church considers its role in the world, a beacon not just another socio-political gadfly.



Bishop of Madison Wisc: “It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church”

A man who has decided to live out his term in this heartland diocese:

It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that is wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord.

Unless Francis finds a way to get him out of there before he’s 75.

via Vox Cantoris

In the abuse situation (as in almost everything Catholic) all roads lead to Rome

This should be clear enough. Rome rules when it wants to.

The connection between McCarrick and Cdl Farrell goes through Rome, not just the United States. It’s impossible for the US-based network of corruption to exist outside of enablers in Rome. The investigation must include Rome. US bishops should be calling for this.

And most of the time, it wants to.

Fewer Americans Uproot Themselves for a New Job

And does this contribute to family solidarity? 

Americans Uproot Themselves for a New Job
Better job prospects near home, growing reluctance to disrupt children’s routines prompt more people to stay put

The share of job seekers relocating for new employment has fallen dramatically since the late 1980s, when more than a third moved to take new opportunities elsewhere, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. PHOTO: CHRIS DUNN/YORK DAILY RECORD/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Clearly it does. How important to the health of family life? You answer the question.

Trumponomics, my friend. It’s blowin’ in the wind.

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The Church already has the tools to deal with failing bishops. But will anyone use them?

Ball is in whose court?

Misbehaving Cardinals (and heads of state) can only be judged by the Pope, but lesser mortals are handled by the Roman Rota. This court, which we have all heard of, remains rather obscure in its functions, at least to most of us, but there is absolutely no reason why it should not act in a way analogous to the Star Chamber of old.

Some years ago now there was talk that the Pope was going to set up a special court to deal with Bishops who failed in their duty with regard to child protection. (This new court would presumably have taken over some of the jurisdiction exercised by the Rota.) But though this was announced, nothing happened.

Yes. Ball dropped again by the incumbent Holiness, busy perhaps with climate control and other things he can do nothing about.


Archdiocese takes down website defending Cardinal Wuerl’s handling of sex abuse

As the Wuerl turns:

Catholic writer Elizabeth Scalia, a prominent critic of the website, said: “This is the sort of action we usually see being taken by a Chairman of the Board, or a CEO, or a politician, and that’s very telling; it exposes a mindset that is geared toward management and administration, with a less-than-optimal pastoral sensibility on display. It’s all too much of the world.”

Later on Wednesday, the archdiocese deleted the website, saying it had become a “distraction”

From what, your eminence?


Episcopal Sodomy: NY AG Outlining Grand Jury Plans

Comes the deluge.

Church Militant spoke with New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood, who told us:

The Attorney General has directed her Criminal Division leadership to reach out to local District Attorneys — who are the only entities that currently have the power to convene a grand jury to investigate these matters — in order to establish a potential partnership on this issue.

Not only NY.

In the wake of the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, speculation around the country has begun that grand juries should be convened in every state — an idea that fed-up faithful Catholics are now supporting publicly.

Brad Miner: “I’m in favor, frankly, of 50 grand juries, including, you know, we’ve already had one in Pennsylvania, but we need one in the District of Columbia too — so that makes 50. Every single state, we got to do this, and it’s got to be the civil authorities, I’m sorry to say.”

Miner, senior editor of The Catholic Thing, is not alone.

Joining Miner are the likes of Illinois State Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who was a member of the 2002 U.S. bishops’ national review board [and threw up her hands and resigned, appalled at their politics]. Burke says, “I think every state should convene a grand jury into this culture of secrecy that protected offenders at all costs.”

Burke, as Illinoisans know, is wife of a Chicago alderman of high seniority and much power.

Miner’s and Burke’s public sentiments may soon become a reality. In addition to the Pennsylvania grand jury, Nebraska is now sending signals that it too is prepping for the possible convening of its own grand jury. This as a result of revelations of homosexual predation on seminarians in the diocese of Lincoln.

So we look to the state to police the church.

via Episcopal Sodomy: NY AG Outlining Grand Jury Plans

Cardinal Cupich is shocked, shocked at the McCarrick business.

Words of the day from Chicago’s Catholic-in-Chief:

Anger, shock, grief, shame.

An exercise in distancing himself from the shocking news, insulating from the shock.

He knew nothing about it? Until he read it in the newspapers? Wow.

Who does he think he is, Obama, who famously knew nothing about the computer in Hillary’s basement? Until he read about it?

via Statements – Archdiocese of Chicago

Fr. James Martin downplays abuse of seminarians: McCarrick an ‘outlier’ — Oh yeah.

Nice to know Fr. Martin’s thinking on the situation.

I was wondering.

Yes, James, and what of McC’s behavior for decades and his promotions right and left by church higher-ups?

via LifeSite

Chilean officials raid bishops’ conference amid abuse investigation

Part of ongoing investigation.

This is where the bishops all resigned after Pope Francis told them to do so, after himself stumbling mightily, denying multiple allegations and in general showing himself a paragon of insensitivity, even to the appearance of attempted cover-up.

Took a lot of flak over the whole thing, has tried to recoup. Meanwhile, matters proceed via secular authorities.

via Catholic News Agency

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