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Where a man’s heart is, there is his treasure, Chicago-style

Don’t touch my junk.

Impose election blackout on grant announcements – Daily Southtown

There’s this bill in Springfield that bans gummint giveaway announcements in pre-election months.

It would impose limits on gummint as Santa Clause, a favorite Dem stance.

The House passed it unanimously, but at the Senate it fell into the hands of one Donald Harmon, senator from Oak Park.

Weeks ago.

Harmon sits on it to this day, will be seeking clarification when he has time.


The pope, Abbas, and the fuss over the ‘angel of peace’ | Crux

Much ado about nought?

Could be, but Francis has this unserious streak or manner that is often unsettling. He’s Pope Bubbly.

Middle Easter smiles at Dunkin D? Sorry, Plus waves of peace at St. Ita

This a.m. at Dunkin D at Bryn Mawr “L” station. Middle Eastern women who do not smile, indeed are somewhat insulting about it. One had a smile for a handsome, well-dressed, prosperous-looking Middle Eastern gent who did not return it. Plus, coffee was watered! Maybe because I got it free with a coupon. Busy, busy place but courtesy-challenged.

Then to nearby St. Ita church for 8 a.m. mass, Broadway and Catalpa, on way home — walking, btw. Nice group mostly women, as at St. Edmund-Oak Park and elsewhere employing the hand-wave of peace at the proper time, becoming a sea or small lagoon of waving arms and hands, like seaweed on ocean floor or above-water of a pond, in this case reeds waving in the breeze.

Not what fellow Palestinians went out to see when they flocked to see John the Baptist, as Jesus said. Not knocking the wave, just being observant.

The individual decides worth of an institution

This popped out at me from my daily dose of memorable quotations:

“The worth of a state, in the long run,
is the worth of the individuals composing it.”
— John Stuart Mill
(1806-1873) English philosopher and economist

Why so? Because it’s true of many things and as stand-alone is a truism. (Mill did not spout truisms, is my bet, knowing him as I do only by reputation.)

Among which are schools. Great schools depend on great students, meaning ones willing to learn. True?

Interstellar and “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

Originally posted on Bookshelf Battle:

I saw Interstellar tonight and overall found it very moving and enjoyable.  As soon as I figure out what the hell happened, I’ll give it an actual review.  In the meantime, I wanted to share the text of the poem that featured prominently throughout the film:


BY: Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late…

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Coffee at Gordono’s after mass: drug store, coffee shop, deli all-in-one

Gordono’s at Clark & Catalpa, NE corner this a.m. after mass at nearby St. Gregory’s. Friendly Omar makes the salads there. He took my $5 for paper, coffee, and (glazed) doughnut, returned a few coins change in a no-look (at what I’d bought) transaction that took a half minute preceded by warm chat with lady of the establishment, who had intro’d Omar as salad chef.

It’s an amazing place. Says pharmacy out front in top of window signs on Catalpa and Clark sides, but just below eye level on Clark there’s “Jewish deli.” What’s that? Deli cum drug store? Yes, that and more: a full-scale restaurant and coffee shop, with sturdy high tables and stools along both windows and coffee dispenser a step away for initial cup and refill, plus restaurant-style tables in adjoining room.

In rear of the corner room is the pharmacy with big signs, aspirin etc. along one short wall, band-aids etc. along the other and a booth area for the pharmacist to take and fill scrips. Everything about it is tightly wound in sense of nothing flimsy, no space wasted — a triumph of interior design with no sense of being crowded, much of being fascinated by the variety of the place.

The matzoh-ball soup is made on the spot, the lady told me, she the apparent owner or at least manager, 30-something, bright of eye and black of hair, plump, attractive, friendly and businesslike at same time.

At my Trib when once settled with coffee and doughnut, I read of the governor mixing it with legislators, feinting, dodging, in the game, in sharp contrast to the somewhat aloof, self-absorbed predecessor who offered no solution at at any time, just stopgap measures to save our state, which is in a state of alarm or should be.

Obama at Georgetown: A welcome to the viper?

He and two other panelists had their say on a number of matters, the President chiming in about church and state working together on social issues. Robert Royal commented:

People will have differing reactions to all this. But over and above the mixture of dark and bright spots, Catholic institutions like Georgetown have settled into a quite comfortable stance. Prominent politicians who are pressuring the Church and promoting grave moral evils are welcome.

Don’t think people inside and outside the Church don’t notice. If the Church truly believed that the nation was killing over one million innocents in the womb yearly, would it coexist happily with those promoting that holocaust – just because they’re thoughtful on poverty?

As Flannery O’Connor once said, you can’t be any poorer than dead.

He had earlier provided context:

The Catholic Church in America sometimes looks as if it’s on a suicide mission. Individual bishops or institutions don’t seem able to tell friend from foe, invite enemies into their midst, ignore threats, give the impression that the best they can hope for is that people won’t be too angry at the Church. Which they would rather be thought of as doing nice, uncontroversial things like providing social services, and not overemphasizing more difficult moral matters.

As the hard-ball player Leo Durocher said, “Nice guys finish . . . ” Where?

Author Websites, Blogs, and Book Sales Pages — The Book Designer

Being an avid do-it-myself-er in book publishing, also known as getting oneself between covers by hook or by crook(ed means), I pay attn. to stuff like this from Book Designer on what to do after writing the damn book and while trying to sell it.


SOME LIBERALS GET IT:   . . . but progressives never will.  Kirsten Powe rs has a Daily Beast piece…

Speech codes on campus, official and otherwise. Highly effective, says she.


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