The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Students for Reporting News That Triggered Them

Oh my.

We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced, and we wanted to apologize for and address the mistakes that we made that night???along with how we plan to move forward.

Here’s hoping no Medill student contributed to this.

Bill Barr’s Point About Religion Is Underscored by His Critics

He had a lotta nerve, quoting John Adams . . .

Guess Who Was Called a ‘Fascist,’ Back in the Day

The more things change . . .

Former LAPD Chief Named as Chicago’s Interim Top Cop – NBC Chicago

Black Lives Matter in LA vetoes this.

Makes him highly recommended.

Dow rises more than 150 points to record PAUL KRUGMAN HARDEST HIT

Dow’s up, Krugman down.

Or should be; he’s not commenting.

The end is near, its prophet is Drudge

Tale told by a fool, signifying (something?) . . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Do you think the end times are coming?

Find fuel for that expectation in the Drudge Report, where headlines tell the tale:

Exorcisms soar…

‘The true religion of America’: Why one TV mogul going all in on sports…
Horse racing: ‘Conveyor belt for slaughter’…

Violent and drunk monkeys attack tourists in paradise beach…

Smugglers sawing through new sections of wall!

Ebola screening at airport…

Debt surpasses $23 trillion!

Days of terrifying darkness, cold and hunger amid PG&E’s sweeping power blackouts…

Mouth cancer record high. Oral sex to blame?

Inside CA’s black-market nightmare spawned by law gutting shoplifting penalties…

Downtown Hong Kong becomes battleground as night falls…

Planeloads of Cash From Russia Shipped to Venezuela…

Chile’s fiery anger fueled by fears of poverty in old age…

Brazil in ‘civil war,’ says head of Congress’ pro-gun faction…
President’s son suggests using dictatorship-era tactics on leftist foes…

Hillary laughs when asked how…

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The other Oak Park paper, The Oak Leaves, ran an eloquent letter from a well known villager on l’affaire Buchanan . . .

Shut up, she said . . .

Berkeley on the Prairie

. . . which some or many might have missed. 

Matt Baron found the trustee’s “sustained table-pounding, finger-pointing diatribe that occupied the better part of four minutes” “deeply dismaying,” he wrote.

“The irony and hypocrisy [were] thick.” The board was working on a statement affirming “its commitment to, um, a variety of viewpoints, among other lofty aspirations.”

Lofty indeed.

He offered a “broader context.” In his more than “six years of serving on local government boards,” he had “never witnessed anything remotely resembling such a scene.”

Moreover, and more telling, as a newspaper reporter he had covered

hundreds of local government meetings—including some that were wildly dysfunctional—the only close analogy would be the three-ring circus that was the Town of Cicero’s public proceedings. And even by that measure, Trustee Buchanan established a new low for conduct.

I concur, after 40 years of watching boards and meetings, often taking notes, especially…

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The other Oak Park paper, The Oak Leaves, ran an eloquent letter from a well known villager on l’affaire Buchanan . . .

A “table-pounding, finger-pointing diatribe”

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Wednesday Journal publications taking leap into nonprofit model

Change is good. Right?

Berkeley on the Prairie

Publisher Dan Haley’s pitch for his new business model:

“Oak Park would not be the same place if the Wednesday Journal had not been here the past 40 years.”

Had never asked myself that question, an interesting one.

In any case, the issue is joined.

“To most people in our situation, I would say face the reality that our model is broken,” [Haley] said. “There was a process I went through of saying, ‘It’s not your fault, Dan. The world changed around you, and now you have to adapt to it.


“Accept the reality, have faith in your community that they will see the value in the work you’ve done over time. … You have a foundation of readership and advertisers, you are in great shape. Be proud of the asset that has been built, and  take that asset in a new way.”

That’s sales talk, and where would…

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Trustee Buchanan the most famous Oak Parker maybe ever!

A tale of the Western suburbs . . .

Berkeley on the Prairie

And that’s why she got threatening emails.

I googled “buchanan oak park shut up” and NOT UNTIL the 11th Google page, ten sightings each page, did I find NO COVERAGE of Trustee Buchanan’s ordering three fellow trustees, including the mayor, to stay out of an important discussion — while apparently unbeknownst to her, SOMEONE WAS VIDEOING THE WHOLE THING.

But it’s all about the other trustee she told to shut up because he’s a white man! A sordid story from once the biggest village in the world!

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