Chi Trib front page clashing stories: two kinds of weeper . . .

The one on top weeps about diminished social services (always a grabber):

Senate health care bill takes a hit
CBO analysis: Uninsured would grow by 22 million,
costs would rise under Republican leaders’ proposal

The one on bottom weeps, sort of, about the cost of red ink for Chicago Public Schools (not much of a grabber):

Price for CPS loans: $70,000 a day in interest
Total cost could pass
$7M based on payback
date, financial woe

Make-up editors could have put them side by side as horns of the dilemma faced by lawmakers as regards public spending: 1) people want services, 2) government hasn’t got the money.

As for not having the money, move to the state’s (and city’s) fiscal crisis and see what Speaker Madigan and his Dems do not want in a budget and the governor does:

Democrats have resisted Rauner’s calls for mixing into budget discussions other issues including cost-saving changes to workers’ compensation, state-employee pension-benefit programs, and a local property tax freeze, among other things.

No, no, no, don’t touch our workers’ comp, state employees’ benefits, and property taxes, say Dems, clutching these items as dear to their hearts.

Later: As for “mixing into budget discussions other issues,” consider Madigan’s “non-budget demands,” as in the State Journal-Register,

including that Gov. Bruce Rauner sign a school funding reform bill that the governor has said he would veto.

Crafty fellow. Oh, and a Democrat.

Ah, the perils of a glowing account. Sun-Times reports judge retires to acclaim — without mention of past bad ratings

​Cook County Judge Evelyn Clay set to retire this summer:

“You could not ask for a more fair, even-tempered judge,” said attorney Jim McKay, who as an assistant state’s attorney led the prosecution at [Andre] Crawford’s 2009 trial [at which he was convicted]. “I’m sorry to hear she’s going.”

Known for her generally reserved temperament on the bench, Clay earlier this month . . .

​It was not always so, as in this 2009 urging by NBC Chicago to “throw the judges out”:​

Evelyn B. Clay [per Chicago Bar Assn.].

“Concerns were raised about Judge Clay’s knowledge of the law and poor judgment in making insensitive comments from the bench.”

The Chicago Council of Lawyers also found Clay unqualified. “[She] sometimes exhibits indecision on the bench and inconsistencies in her rulings.”​

​The perils of being a nice guy — at readers’ expense.​

Vatican’s Auditor General Resigns. Pope loses a fight.

The job — overseeing Vatican departments — was a new one. He resigned “unexpectedly” after two years, giving no reason, had said three months ago he was “enthusiastic” about the assignment.

The background of​ [Libero] Milone’s
resignation is the fight between Cardinal George Pell’s Secretariat for the Economy and Cardinal Domenico Calcagno’s APSA, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, ​​
the most resistant to introducing greater financial scrutiny
. Milone belonged to the Pell-group​.​

​​And the Pope?

Pope Francis first wanted Pell’s Secretariat to replace APSA, ​​
but then gradually rowed back
. Milone’s resignation is ​​
another exampl
e of a pope ​​
who promised reform
, but is delivering ​​
more of the same

He can’t clean his own house? Ineffective where he has most influence? Or prophet without honor in his own country?

Court drops charges against pro-life investigators who exposed Planned Parenthood | News | LifeSite

14 charges dropped.​

The only retained charge is that Merritt conspired to invade privacy. However, no undercover investigative journalist has ever been so charged. The law applies to private conversations, and the CMP videos were taken in a public venue. Also, ​[California Attorney General

​ ​

Xavier] ​
Becerra prosecuted Merritt without allowing her to constitutionally face her accusers, and Becerra did not give proper legal notice so Merritt could mount a defense.

“Sandra Merritt did nothing wrong," Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver explained. "The complaint by the California attorney general is unprecedented and frankly will threaten every journalist who provides valuable information to the public.”​ [Italics added]​