Mike Madigan pays an enemy back, creates a Democrat: from Illinois Blues Chapter 5

Next stop for Sen. Don Harmon in his 2013 series of pre-election town halls, was on July  23, when he partnered with a Madigan protege in Wood Dale . . .

. . . a middle-class town of not quite 14,000 at the northwestern edge of his district, in DuPage County, 14 miles from Oak Park. Here he partnered with Rep. Kathleen Willis, of nearby Addison, an Elmhurst College librarian recently elected for the 77th house district.

Willis came across as quietly competent, pleasant, comfortable. A married mother of four and local school board member, she appeared a wise choice by Michael Madigan seeking someone to face off against the veteran Republican house member, Angelo “Skip” Saviano, a one-time across-aisle ally for Madigan with whom he’d had a bitter falling-out.

Madigan had seen to his defeat in 2012, convincing the Republican Willis to switch parties and funding a campaign that left veteran politics reporter Rich Miller gasping for its effrontery, misrepresentation of opposition, and fight-to-finish maneuverings. In the middle stood Willis, by all indicators and appearance an unlikely contestant but victorious at the end with 53% of the vote.

“Willis steals 77th House [district] from Saviano,” was the rambunctious Daily Herald headline for a story that reported that had been unavailable for interviews while campaigning entirely door-to-door. The story also noted that she had “pulled Republican ballots in five primary elections between 2002 and 2010.” It didn’t matter. The 77th had a Democrat, and Madigan had the 77th.

From Illinois Blues: How the Ruling Party Talks to Votersavailable in paperbackepub and Amazon Kindle formats.

Next time you rant about Trump, consider this . . .

. . . when Harry Truman, running for reelection, called challenger Tom Dewey another Hitler.

. . . or about Bill’s wife Hill, for that matter.

Trib investigates at length, finds a war zone in Chicago

Several, in fact, where shootings are concentrated. Nice going. Just as we suspected.

Don’t cry, Mika, we feel your pain

She can’t be fair to Trump, she said. Her candor is refreshing. We know how to read her and are warned. Would that her colleagues confess to the same impediment.

Meanwhile, she’s a plucky lass in my book. Next step in her path to enlightenment?

What gives with QB who sits out the anthem?

Good question.

Leads to another: Down on U.S. as he is, where would he rather live?

Hillary, we hardly knew ye. KKK support? No!

Yes. See here, Hill:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has received more than $20,000 in donations contributed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, a prominent member of the hate group announced earlier this year.

Nothing sacred? Nothing.

Tender souls, avoid U. of Chi

The mean old president warns you.

SNAP comes a-cropper

Gets chewed out by a judge as lying scoundrels.

Accused priest had stood up and challenged them and won. Another side of the clergy abuse story.