Media bias

Chi Trib’s Rick Morrissey, “in the Wake of the News,” — which once carried “dumbbell pomes” by Jasbo of Old Dubuque — writes of Chisox being ignored by NBC’s Bob Costas at a golf tournament giving interleague baseball scores — Yankees over Cubs, Red Sox over Pirates, and that was it.  Chisox, baseball’s winningest team, had beaten the Dodgers, but so what?  “Probably an oversight” by the experienced, sophisticated Costas, one of the best known faces and names in sports TV, says Morrissey.  Right, and a perfect non-political example of media bias.  Costas just doesn’t think of the White Sox.  They don’t enter his mind.  He has his interests, and they aren’t one of them.  At the top of his game, you might say, he’s biased.  It happens.

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