No sale

Barnes & Noble is not stocking the #1 Amazon-rated book by Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, at least in a number of places, east, west, and heartland.  It apparently hits too close to its target.

Haven’t cracked it yet myself but am fascinated by the title, which matches how I feel about so-called liberals.

3 thoughts on “No sale

  1. You would think that the CEOs of large corporations would be staunch capitalists and vote RIGHT, but oddly enough, many support Left-wing candidates and the Democrats.

    Goldberg’s book documents the truth that the Nazis were pagan nationalistic socialists who were opposed by the international socialists of Soviet Russa. That’s the reason Stalin called them “right-wing” vs. the true “left-wing” represented by the Soviets. The Nazis were not right-wing Christians; they persecuted Christians, especially Catholic priests, who were treated with the same brutality as were the Jews in the prison camps.


  2. In that Barnes and Noble is not stocking Jonah Goldberg’s highly rated book is not surprising to me. Although Barnes and Noble is in business to make money, it is also a business that sells books. As such Barnes and Noble functions as an extension of the mainstream media. Since books do reflect ideas and ideas can change public opinion, Barnes and Noble, by not stocking Goldberg’s book, is in a position to control the number of people who might be influenced by reading his book. Liberals never want the truth to be told. But if their brand of “truth” is so right for the American people, why do liberals fear the other side? The answer is obvious. They seek to prevent the truth from prevailing by hi-jacking the air waves, the media, and now even the books people can purchase to read.. I plan to buy Goldberg’s book. Most likely it will require placing a special order at the book store I frequent in Lake Forest.


  3. Johah Goldberg, when asked to describe ways in which fascism parallels the mentality of left-wingers, enumerated two ways to host Hugh Hewitt. Unfortunately the small snippet presented today of a week day show gave time enough only for Goldberg to mention two parallels. They were: (1) Create the perfect world – the utopian vision of the world. Barack Obama in a campaign speech did suggest “creatng a Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. (2) Demands unity – opposite view points are not tolerated. Consider Al Gore in talking about global warming when he said that the time for discussion is over.


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