Same-sex-attracted Roman Catholic priests, what about them?

I speak of percentages here. What per cent of RC priests are same-sex-attracted (SSA) compared to priests and other ministers of religion who have the marriage option?

Would RC ordination of married men or legitimization of a priest’s taking a wife — just one, until death they were parted — reduce said percentage?

Would such a change in RC customs reduce the influence of SSA priests and bishops in the councils and consultations of clergy members, as in undercutting support for SSA-friendly moral teaching and practice?

Loaded question that last, brimming with certain assumptions.

Such changes, of course are in no way guaranteed, assuming they are in order, the church being an imperfect institution, the Body of Christ on earth after all, not (yet) in heaven.

May I pursue these questions in later posts? I may just do that.

2 thoughts on “Same-sex-attracted Roman Catholic priests, what about them?

  1. A change, allowing married men to become priests or to allow priests the right to marry might allow the deaconate ordinands a swift assent to the priesthood, quickly lessening the problem of the shortage of priests. It would also deny homosexual priests the excuse of not marrying due to the present Church prohibition. Perhaps then these SS-attraction men would venture into other “professions.” It would certainly help cleanse the Church of this plague.

    I agree with previous popes who said that homosexual men, even if chaste, were unfit for the priesthood. Anyone who is psychologically distorted, in any serious way, should be screened out of applying for this vital role in the Church.

    We need morally strong, mentally sound men who can speak the truth to the flock, in season and out. We are already being persecuted; it will worsen. Who will be there to help us stand strong against the forces of Satan if not strong men?

    All that has been done since Vatican II was taken over by the dissidents has weakened the voice of the Church. Anything that can be done to restore our leadership needs to be done.


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